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Citing Sexual Harassment Allegations, Six Democratic Female Colleagues Call on Sen. Al Franken to Resign


In the USA, ANYONE can be charged with ANYTHING! Sometimes those charges have validity. Sometimes they are just BS. The way to separate wheat from political chaff is to investigate fully, as Franken, himself, called for. Why not just wait like civilized people for the results of the investigation? These are charges from years ago, not a bank robbery currently in progress, so I doubt there is any danger of Franken “getting away” if we take the time to do this right.

In the meantime, we could also look into the allegations that still warrant investigation that Trump raped a 13 year old. Both sets of charges may prove to be nothing, but we really need to check them out. Rape is rape, no matter who does it, just as harassment is harassment. Let’s introduce true justice that neither dismisses an accuser, nor railroads the accused. We could even brag to other countries about our even-handedness, and call it “The American Way”.


And what about Kamala Harris, as Attorney General of California, letting scumbag Mnuchin off the hook for repeatedly breaking California’s foreclosure laws-
So why didn’t Kamala Harris leap at the chance to take on a bank that her staff said was illegally rushing Californians out of their homes?
This far, far outweighs any sin Al Franken may be guilty of in my mind- Kamala Harris is way out there on this one and her weak answer to why just didn’t wash…


I must admit, I have never been an Al Frankin fan. I found his humor rather labored and dull and as a senator he pretty much toed the centrist democratic line. He is by all accounts unexceptional as are Senator Gillibrand and Harris. None inspire and they they certainly have an impression of themselves that doesn’t match the general public. Welcome to politics in America.

Anyways, it seems to me that Senator Frankin is honest in admitting to his frat boy behavior and he will be a better man for recognizing his failings. Not a bad outcome and a little time in the dog house is appropriate. Resignation is frankly extreme and displays rather poor judgment by the other senators, two of which are the standard opportunists, using the identity politics playbook to position themselves for the white house. Good luck to them if they still believe that works.

There are far more pressing matters to address than Al Frankin. Our political energies should focus on what really matters, the ongoing destruction of the social, environmental and economic foundation of this country.


I agree but buying that time could allow the truth to come out. Either way, dumping democrats in congress at this point seems unwise.


It looks like Al Franken is going to resign:

But read the comments to see how lots of dems are against it.


Sen. Franken should say he will resign when Trump or Clarence Thomas resigns.


Well he just resigned, so ask him–the man who requested that he be photographed touching a woman’s breasts without her consent–about contrition.