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Citing Slaughter in Yemen, Senators Launch New Effort to Block Trump From Selling More US-Made Weapons to Saudis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/citing-slaughter-yemen-senators-launch-new-effort-block-trump-selling-more-us-made

Village pacification. Counter insurgency. Nation building. Asymmetric warfare. Etc. War by any other name is still war whether sanctioned with a Declaration of War, congressional AUMF, or president-approved CIA secret op. Weapons are sold. Infrastructure is shattered. Soldiers die. Civilians die. It’s a never-ending cycle now, thanks to congressional under-sight for nearly two decades. The Congress has permitted the president to take the power the Constitution gave to it. The process is broken. The commander-in-chief has virtually unlimited power to wage war (including all related actions like arm sales). The evil genie the Founders feared has been unleashed. Good luck Senators putting him back in the bottle.

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I’m stealing that.

So sad it’s true. Please do.