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Citing Soaring Student Debt, Sanders to Pitch Tuition-Free Higher Education


Citing Soaring Student Debt, Sanders to Pitch Tuition-Free Higher Education

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With student debt figures continuing to climb, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to unveil legislation this week to provide tuition-free higher education for students at 4-year colleges and universities in the United States.


That’s a great step.

How about debt forgiveness for the TRILLION dollars in corrupt and debilitating education loans?

And how about a criminal investigation into the scam, and the political methodology by which it was implemented?


Also how about a report on the growth of “administration” positions, and administrative salaries, at colleges and universities over the past 45 years? Just a simple report, with graphs, against a similar graph of the growth of tuition costs over the same time period.

Administrative bloat and self-aggrandizement is a huge part of the sordid tale of privatization and profiteering at US universities.


I hear you loud and clear. My daughter just completed her master’s degree in nursing…and is telling me she is concerned that even with a decent paying job she won’t be able to live and pay her student loans. There goes her fresh start in life.


Even if people could be assured that their payments were no more than 10% of their take home pay. That would be huge for so many people.


Bernie and Warren are among the best we have and I intend to vote for them. But I know that centralized government by sold out representatives is incapable of looking out for the needs of the many.

We could use a candidate that said: “My only pitch is to let the people govern”. To use the initiative and referendum process via a safe, encrypted online addendum to standard voting methods to let the people make the laws in a continuous fashion. Something similar to the Swiss Cantons, Mondragon Spain’s, or even the new, rapidly growing Kurdish System of direct democracy. Wherever instituted, it has been an unqualified success. Technology is bound to take it global.

The question is, will it be instituted pre- or post-apocalyptically?


Education in the US has become a commodity as have the people who pursue it. Just as inflation has eaten away at the purchasing power of currency, so to has “educational reform” diminished the value of education at all levels.
Sanders’ well intentioned efforts will neither provide the well paying jobs which are needed by people pursuing education for that purpose nor reform the prostituting of “higher” education to corporate influence.
It will at least and at most provide a way to divert the restless energy of youth into more constructive pursuits than revolutionary protests or rioting over the prospects of their increasingly hopeless future. The devaluing of “higher” education matches the intentional destruction of any path of economic progress for those aspiring to improve their lot in life.


Sanders’ proposal only sounds like superficial feel-good rhetoric because this country has not seen a real socialist like him in living memory. Despite the endless blather about the government being out of money, American society is astronomically wealthier than it has ever been. That capital has been diverted to the tiny minority at the top of the pyramid. A socialist re-structuring would apply to that vastly wealthy society as a whole, and not simply to the skimpy resources currently available for the public good. Of course, Bernie Sanders cannot simply make the changes needed - but he could challenge the presumptions which limit our idea of what is really possible. And free higher education is certainly possible in a nation whose power and wealth now dominates the globe.


That’s okay. We can count on you to state the obvious in big, bold language. Don’t let yourself be suckered by minimalism.


Convenience Kills. From here forward read the fine print and don’t subject yourself to contracts that are rewards for the financial system. Education should be free and people have to not be so careless when it comes to going into debt. For profit secondary school is a travesty to this country


Debt forgiveness, please. I earned my Master’s degree so I could become a psychotherapist. I did that, but by the time I completed the 9 year long process, Bush had crashed the economy and the jobs in mental health clinics I had counted on to earn enough to pay off the loan didn’t exist any more. I cannot make more than token payments, which is not enough to satisfy the lender. The debt holder refused my offer in settlement. Even the IRS takes offers in settlement. Debt forgiveness or at least a change in the law so that debt holders have to accept offers in settlement or so that student debt can be discharged in bankruptcy.


I knew what the fine print said, but I signed the note anyway, because it was the only way I could get a Master’s degree and become a psychotherapist.


“Countries like Germany, Denmark, and Sweden are already providing free or inexpensive higher education for their young people”

Sure. Let’s have a high school graduation exam, like the Baccalaureate or Abitur, and those who pass get “free” tuition. That would probably eliminate 50%+ of US high school students. The rest we deserve a higher education and should be getting it.


"Sanders’ proposal only sounds like superficial feel-good rhetoric because this country has not seen a real socialist like him in living memory. "

Do you remember Bernie? I’m told he is a fire breathing socialist. He has held major national political offices since 1990. So I guess this country has seen a ‘real socialist’ like him for 25 YEARS in CONGRESS.


Free tuition sounds good, and I support the idea–as long as it includes both tuition and administrative fees.

Some states already have free tuition, and it’s a sleeve off a vest.

The tuition is reasonably low, but the “fees” that are not covered by the free-tuition plan are budget-busting.


One good reply to the article and three good replies to it. I am 55 years old never went to college except for a few classes and avoided borrowing except for the house my wife lives in. Regardless of all that, I totally support public banking as an option to end financial industry crime, student loan debt forgiveness to free all of you from debt servitude and no cost to the user college education. I also suggest no more thinking about college as job training, which is something employers should do. You go to college to learn and explore and expand your knowledge. Not to serve jamie Dimon.


true. Give any responsibility to private finance and debt servitude is sure to follow.


I like that idea too. Might be easiest way to start is for citizens to allocate their tax money as they see fit. 15% for heathcare, 15% for defense, 20% for education, 20% for welfare, 15% to infrastructure.


Right, the profiteers, scammers, and lobbyists play no role. Thanks for the education!


“now have a new problem: Many of them need a Master’s to get a decent job”

My son is one of them. He has 4 year degree in sociology and worked for 10 years with troubled children, making an average of $15.00 dollars an hour. He struggled financially the whole time… Fortunately my wife and I own a duplex and he lived there and paid us something when he could…
This pass year he made the decision to back to get his master’s a decision he struggled with for awhile because he enjoyed the work and also felt he should be working…
But finally came to the realization that he had to have master’s to make enough money to have some kind of a life…
So, back into debt he went!