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Citing Threat to Newborns, WHO Declares Spread of Zika an International Emergency


Citing Threat to Newborns, WHO Declares Spread of Zika an International Emergency

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreaks of microcephaly in Latin America and their possible link to the Zika virus a global health emergency—invoking a rarely used dictum due to the high risk to pregnant women and newborns.


GMO mosquitoes were released into this area 3 years ago.


GMO= Genetically Modified Organisms are Genetically Engineered Mosquitos=GEMs
A real gem that is what we have here.
Interesting that these GMO or GEMs were released in this area.


I also find the article quite convincing with the evidence and chain of events.

This not IMHO because of deforestation as much as it man playing God and tampering with life.


“naturalnews dot com” is not a reliable source of scientific information.

There is a whole lot of superstition and mumbo-jumbo out there - starting with the idea that all genetic modification is harmful.

These GMO Aedes egypti mosquitos ARE the ecologically friendly and non-toxic alternative to insecticdes.


Natural news is citing an article carried in the mirror.

Your so called scientific journals have all been co-opted by big money as made evident by the fraud that was glysophates, claimed by those same journals for years as safe even as evidence suggested otherwise.

This evidence was presented in natural news years before WHO finally admitted to the dangers of glysophates.

If there any mumbo jUmbo out there it coming from the monsantos of the world and from people such as yourself.


Life has mysteries and unknown factors.

That’s why an argument can be made (and bought by fools and naïve souls) that Arabs who “hate us for our freedoms” managed to pre-empt air traffic control, command orders, shift gravity around, and other marvels to make the 911 event story … possible.

In this instance, there had been recent talk about creating a mosquito that could be genetically altered with the hope that it would wipe out other mosquito lines.

Remember how well it went when African bees got loose and mated with Indigenous bees in South America leading to killer bees?

Not long ago there was the Ebola outbreak that came and went in a relative blink of an eye.

Tragically, this “mosquito” is damaging DNA and these children are NEVER going to be normal. That places an impossible burden on already poor mothers and families.

This could well be another “genetic engineering test” gone awry.

I think it has all the makings of such a thing.

Whenever intelligent people begin to connect dots they’re shouted down or castigated as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet in a nation where the truth about JFK’s murder has yet to be uttered, and where thousands of engineers and scientists realize that 911–the story AS told–is a fiction, intelligent minds have no choice BUT to question Official Narratives.

Our times make truth stranger than fiction:


This an article detailing how Monsanto was funding a University Professor who critiqued persons opposed to GMo’S’ as he promoted the same…


Yunzer tries to mock people who see through the 911 FANTASY, too.

His job is to maintain discussions within OFFICIAL parameters.

He has ZERO imagination and ZERO curiosity. He repeats the official stories mostly.


The mechanism works the same way as Exxon funding climate-change denial scientists.

It operates too in the protocols surrounding the pharmaceutical testing of drugs. Anyone who raises any safety or health issue or concern is quickly marginalized, his funding cut off, and if possible–said renegade is discredited and/or blacklisted.

VERY evil corporations who show a complete disdain for human life (as well as that of key ecosystems) want to control the dialog, the research (where the pay incentives incline scientists to grant their imprimaturs to these products) and what the public even knows.

The corporations fund think tanks that rent out average-thinkers who are wiling to say they are engineers, teachers, and so forth… while commenting on websites in ways that sustain the corporations’ often FALSE assertions.

Monsanto lies that its products more efficiently feed the world, or that their food products don’t require pesticides. All that has been disproven.

Or how about pouring so many vaccines into babies’ bodies with so many ending up with autism.

RARE is the medical doctor who’s willing to take on the orthodoxy that is so enamored with drugs as to fail to honestly assess their composite effects.

THAT is the problem. And of course, the so-called experts endorse these products since their paychecks and research grants largely depend upon as much.


I certainly don’t agree with Alex Jones on a number of things, but I find that some of his guests ARE knowledgeable about things that the elites don’t want discussed.

Anyone who wants to give this a listen, at the beginning of this long show Alex interviews an individual “in the know” when it comes to biological weapons.

Here is the link:



The sleazy Mirror is not a reliable source of science news either:

This imbecilic stone-age-superstition level conspiracy theorizing is becoming almost suicidal.

Please read this:


That is so irresponsible. I am not for releasing GMO organisms into nature but the site you offered is a flakearama. Did that guy even know that the released mosquitoes ARE FREAKING MALES… sterile males and MALES DON’T BITE!!!

Ooh it is a conspiracy is it? yeah okay.


Much as it annoys me to say so… that was an excellent article that you posted…lol


Great find, SR. Thanks.


“Unless we take a hard look at the choices we make in life,” she continues, “new pathogens will show themselves at an ever-increasing rate.”
Let us take a hard look at Genetic Engineering…and the solution, once again is to develop a vaccine…that seems like the only solution these days…develop a vaccine… a vaccine to fight these viruses, a vaccine to fight cancer…(papilloma virus vaccine for children),etc… These Vaccines are developed once again through Genetic Engineering… Just Wait & See, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates will appear with vaccine strategies and solutions…And the other solution to this is to Ramp Up the Chemical Warfare of Spraying chemicals to kill the mosquitos.



Here’s the original patent for the Zika Virus registered by the Rockefeller Foundation back in 1947. For a couple hundred bucks you can buy an unspecified quantity.


Excuse me did you read the article? The issue is not the males biting humans.

The issue is the virus is supposed to kill the females and the survival rate of the females is higher then predicted.

The company itself admits that some of the now infected females will survive. The objection is the percentage of the same with the company claiming less than 5 percent and others suggesting the number higher. The evidence that only 5 percent will survive comes from the same scientists that work for the company and will profit off sales. This is like the Monsanto scientists claiming glysophates as safe.


I was talking about the article. No the way it works is that the GMO males are genetically designed to need a specific substance that they cannot get in nature. this ‘need’ for that substance is imparted to the female’s offspring which die from lack of it. The resultant decrease in the mosquito population reaches 90%. The GMO mosquitos have nothing to do with the Zika virus but only with the carrier of that virus… the mosquito itself.


That 90 percent of mosquitoes are eliminated is immaterial. What is material is what the effects are of those that survive when they bite someone.

Added to that no one has considered the effects on an ecosystem when a given species is exterminated.

The bats all die and than what? What else eats these mosquitoes . what are the effects of that modified DNA on those species?