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Citing Threats to Abortion Rights, Sanders Endorses Marie Newman's Democratic Primary Challenge Against Anti-Choice Incumbent Dan Lipinski

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/citing-threats-abortion-rights-sanders-endorses-marie-newmans-democratic-primary

From the article:

… the head of the DCCC backed out of a fundraiser for Lipinski. In a statement, Cheri Bustos boasted about her “100 percent pro-choice voting record” and claimed she was “deeply alarmed” by the recent wave of anti-choice state laws—but she also reiterated that “this does not change how I will work as DCCC chair to protect [anti-choice troglodytes in] our big tent Democratic caucus.”

Then Bustos’ head exploded from cognitive dissonance…


Nice move Bernie.


Actually, about time. Bernie and Marie have something in common, they were both pencil whipped by the dnc in their last primary elections. The people of Newmans’ district had better come out in droves to support her if they want to overcome the vote flipping that caused her to lose in the last match-up with the entitled incumbent Lipinski.

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Lipinski – like Bustos and P’Loser – is a walking, talking babbling reason to institute term limits in Congress — no more than 8 years in the House, 12 in the Senate, or a total of 14 in both.

Between this BS and the Democratic party trying to avoid having a debate focused on Climate change (and all the rest of the BS this year), this Independent “Sanders or no one” supporter has finally reached his limit with regard to the Democratic party. My vote in the primary this year will likely be the last vote I cast for any Democratic ticket candidate, local, state, or national.

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