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Citing 'Unbreakable Commitment,' Harris Vows Biden Would Never Place Conditions on US Military Aid to Israel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/citing-unbreakable-commitment-harris-vows-biden-would-never-place-conditions-us


And tell me again why Trump is worse than Biden?


And this is the lesser evil.

Suckers unite.


Voting 3rd Party


Israel, the third rail of American politics…


That’s it folks. Traitors and proud of it. Game over. And hapless Kamala is kinda like “Mikey” in the old
cereal commercial. Only in her case, she’ll say anything.


I think you mean 2nd party. There is only one party.


This is how Trump will win.


His campaign slogan is “Nothing will change.”


The hits just keep on commin’ from the political whores and traitors in the Homogenized American Political Party! Either trump pathology and the racist neo-nazi murderer cops or biden-kameltoe bootlicking Israeli racist murderers; neither worth a plug fuckin nickle; neither with a shred of decency or integrity; and both serving the American Racist Kleptocracy!
The utter lack of integrity from the DNC stooge team of biden/harris have now officially snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - a shallow mockery of past leaders of education, integrity, moral compass and at least some courage, unknown to the current DP crop of worthless sycophants and corporate streetwalkers - good luck attracting those trump republicans, you have lost the progressive/indy/left base

“Unbreakable” treason is more like it! Remember the USS Liberty you treasonous SOB’s!? Never forget!


Thought there was already a condition on aid to israel. Symington amendment ???

Why don’t they all move to israel ?


Nice rant. But they’ve got your vote. So…it’s just a rant.

OMFG–what all of you said…and how can we do anything with this worthless bunch–they have no moral compass…or sense of self preservation. You really could not make this stuff up–the embrace of those slimy Republicans instead of their own–now substantial–progressive wing, and this on top of the repudiation of Medicare for All, Green New Deal, and the repetitive “things will go back to normal”, which includes taxpayer subsidies for climate disaster… The utter tone-deafness is gob-smacking!

And we couldn’t have done all “this”–Trump, or this shitshow election–without his worship, Barack Obama, who continues to be revered…for not much progress and a whole lot of contribution to much of the grief we’re feeling now. And yet he’s comfortable with lecturing us with his platitudes now, when he utterly wasted the advantage of his supermajority in deference to…conservatism.


The people living in Puerto Rico still need help. They are citizens. i would like Biden"Harris to explain why Israel get more help than the people of Puerto Rico.
I am writing in Bernie for President—and for vice president I am writing in Doc Rivers, as nothing else makes sense to me


I like it–how 'bout Bernie, and Nina Turner?


I also should have added that if Harris thinks an unbreakable commitment to Israel is her aim----maybe she will take some time for all the Americans who have NO health care, nor any clean water, clean air or clean and nutritious food. And besides that —do Biden or Harris worry about all of the homeless in America? And if they don’t think of them—why not?
Besides war—just what do Americans get for their taxes?


Hi rma:
Well. O.K if Doc Rivers is too busy . : )

And once again, the democrats old problem rears it’s ugly head.
They have once again had the bar set really low for them. In 1976 they only felt they needed to be a little better than Nixon. In 1992, they backed in, and Clinton, with no mandate whatsoever, governed from the center/right. Then the bar was so low after W that all Obama had to do was not shit himself. So they feel no obligation whatsoever to aspire to anything but “a little better” than trump here in 2020.
Jeebus on a cracker!


IIRC, Duh’Murika hasn’t had a really decent presidunce since Eisenhower –although at least Kennedy’s rhetoric was somewhat inspirational & Johnson did do some good for civil rights (more than cancelled by his support of the war in Viet Nam).   I wasn’t planning to vote for Biden/Harris anyway, but this really seals the deal  (“Third time’s a charm”):

Bernie & 'Beth 2020!!

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Indeed, as that would be, as the late writer Gore Vidal pointed out, the Property Party while the Democrats may, if anything, be even more militant than the Republicans. Dennis Perrin pointed this out to the reader in his insightful book called The Savage Mules.