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Citing 'Unconscionable and Irresponsible Omission,' ACLU Demands Equal Covid-19 Protections for Immigrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/citing-unconscionable-and-irresponsible-omission-aclu-demands-equal-covid-19

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The foundation of democracy is equal justice under the law. To take millions of people and declare them to be unworthy of equal justice, in particular millions of people who grew up in our public school system and who never even learned how to live life under some foreign dictator while speaking some foreign language (to them, at least), this is anti-democratic. The dividing line between any of these people and, say, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is in practice imperceptible. Nor should we be torturing and sometimes maiming or killing the parents of American kids. That’s wrong!

It’s worth mentioning that whenever any of our neighbors get the corona, we can get it too. Our neighbors work and shop in our stores, our schools, everywhere. In terms of epidemiology it really doesn’t make much difference going beyond state and regional infection levels. If we throw masses of people into prisons, can we guarantee that the spouses of the prison guards won’t shop in our stores?

Did some grocery shopping this morning. A quarter to a third of the shoppers were not masked.
This is in the north-eastern part of Wisconsin where covid infections are on the rise. Since they have no regard for their fellow shoppers I hope every damn one of them gets sick.
Take your stubborn attitudes to the hospital with you.

Are the Rethuglicans trying to kill off all of the prison guards for immigrants (plus others less important to the Rethuglicans, such as the immigrants)?

I’m not sure where this idea is generated as equal protection under the law. The same policies apply to everyone. It is just unfortunate that they are crappy policies.

Hi Pau!K:
YES to that. When immigrants die to !ack of care , and the guards go home to their families, they take Covid with them, and their kids go to schoo! and infect other kids, Covid does move rather fast, and it specializes in finding the weakest point—yes the virus finds the weakest point-----and in America, the weakest point is the government-------what are you doing Congress, because it’s very c!ear as to what YOU ARE NOT DOING!