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Citing 'Unprecedented' Conflicts of Interest, Trump Urged to Divest From Corporate Empire


Citing 'Unprecedented' Conflicts of Interest, Trump Urged to Divest From Corporate Empire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's business dealings could represent "the most blatant conflicts of interest in the history of American politics," the president of Public Citizen said on Thursday, as more than a dozen groups called on Trump to sever ties with his "corporate empire."


Trump seems like an impeachment waiting to happen. His conflicts of interest alone are enough for the voters to have rejected him and his not releasing his taxes are an exclamation point. So since American voters are now apparently willing to vote for any white male taller than six feet the conflict of interest is of great concern. Particularly with reports that to borrow money he has to go to Russia or China. For some reason foreign countries are willing to lend him money even though he has a reputation of not paying back the money. What is that about?


How is this different from VP Cheney placing his control of Halliburton into a “blind trust” right before he steered millions of no-bid contracts to his former organization? Of course he inadvertently made a fortune profiting from the illegal wars but I am sure that that was just coincidence.


I am asking myself here whether Trump gives a flying fig about conflicts of interest? He appears to consider the presidency as an imperial position. I just recently read an article that suggested we might not have an election in 2020, just a continuation of the Trump kingdom. Seems possible.


They were never in a blind trust.

dump is evil for sure but no more than hillabillie and the family crime unit. They’re just bush crime family 2.0


I do not believe Drumpf cares (understatement alert). I do not believe there are two GOP Congress critters who will even discreetly suggest to him that there’s a problem. I certainly don’t believe any of the transition sycophants will stand up to him. So…unless he does something so blatantly illegal that it can’t be ignored, the media will report on every potential conflict of interest & Chaffetz will still be examining HRC’s emails.


Better a conflict of interest than military conflicts. If he has a financial interest in not destroying some country or alienating some foreign government, then, at this stage in the devolution of our ‘democracy,’ that seems to truly be the lesser of evils.


Is a Blind trust the same as when someone says “Trust Me” ?


Time marches on, fella.


Gee, he’s been president elect for over a week and hasn’t bomb anyone. You’re right! He’s way lesser.


Cenk Uygur talks with Larry King about a new direction for the Democrats and what a Trump presidency might look like. Bonus - Aeroflot ad during the break! Video by RT America:

Democrats regroup; Name Bernie Sanders to leadership role


Trump will likely get impeached for all of his corruption. Why not start the movement now?


Anyone that trusts Trump has to be blind.


I’m afraid Trump probably has impeachment insurance. His vice president is an even worse Nazi.


Surely you jest. Heck, Democrats wouldn’t even consider impeachment of Bush when they had a fighting chance.


I’ll remind you of your bizarre fantasy about Trump as soon as the bombs fly.


Trump will never willingly divest - set-aside -power and control - it’s the nature of a narcissist pathological liar. His hubris and arrogance will, as is often the case with such “ambitious” people, destroy him (hopefully) thanks largely to Dem hierarchy arrogance and corruption - what we will be left with will likely be at least as destructive. We’ll see his tax returns when we see Hillary’s Goldman speech transcripts…the first casualty of this election was truth.

In a Trump administration who will tell the Emperor he has no clothes, or what AG investigate and prosecute? Giuliani, Christie?


Suggested Edit.
American voters are now apparently willing to vote for any racist bigoted Islamophobic misogynist child rapist white male taller than six feet


And stupid. And questionable scruples.


But when it comes to child rape, he is on top.