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Citing 'Urgent Threat' of Climate Crisis, 236 US Mayors Denounce Trump's Attack on Clean Power Plan


Citing 'Urgent Threat' of Climate Crisis, 236 US Mayors Denounce Trump's Attack on Clean Power Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Citing concerns about the impacts of the climate crisis on communities across the United States, mayors representing more than 51 million Americans have come out against efforts at the nation's top environmental agency to repeal the Clean Power Plan, an Obama administration rule that aimed to cut carbon emissions from power plants.


There is no urgent threat. If you want to have more expensive electrons in your city or state, you can do it yourself in those locales.


A voice from the right wing alternative reality universe has spoken.


Good for us. Sad, but not surprised, my state shows up white on the map. I thought we had a new progressive mayor in our state capital.


Apparently you don’t know how to count. It’s excessively expensive to use fossil fuel electrons that destroy our habitat and our health. Already, clean energy alternatives are cost-competitive with CO2-emitting sources, even on just an internalized economic basis. When you layer in the externalities, it’s not even close.

In addition, the new jobs created by clean resources far outnumber and exceed in quality of life the jobs associated with fossil fuels.

The view from the hole in the sand where you stick your head apparently doesn’t give you much of a panaroma, but if you actually looked around at reality, you’d see how wrong you are. The rest of us can see.


I can’t tell if he’s a Russian bot, a Koch brothers whore, or just one of Trump’s ignorati maximus.


If Occam is a human and not a bot then one thing you can say for sure is Occam is gullible. Another success for the right wing propaganda machine where assumptions are wrong and facts are false.


It’s clear that the Koch Brothers spokesperson is here, right Occam?