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Citing US Airstrikes, Reports Indicate Some Militia Forces May Abandon Battle for Tikrit


Citing US Airstrikes, Reports Indicate Some Militia Forces May Abandon Battle for Tikrit

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Marking another twist in a faltering offensive on Tikrit, key Shiite militias involved in the operation are angry that the U.S. is launching air strikes to back the operation, and according to some reports, thousands of combatants are boycotting the fight on those grounds, with some threatening to attack U.S. forces.

McClatchy reported


Can’t even tell the players WITH a program anymore. Par for the course in Empire-of-Chaos “foreign policy”.

Yankee GO HOME.


I want Jeb Bush to tell us all again what a great success his brother’s surge was. We deposed the Sunni and installed the Shia and neither want to be seen associating with US. Since there will never be any prosecution for malfeasance, lying in office, let alone dereliction of duty or treason, certainly we can indict all of the proponents of this disaster in the court of public opinion for stupidity, fraud, and rampant theft of public funds. The evidence is overwhelming.


And enter the Canuck(?).

Apparently the PM’s former bodyguard landed a sweet diplomatic posting in Turkey…and became implicated in a conspiracy to lure young people to the ISIS cause.

Then Canada will support the US in bombing the new ISIS recruits so that the Iranian-backed Iraqi government can take control of Tikrit…then Mosul…then Iranian-backed Syria(?). That can’t be right.

Let me try again: Canada will support the US in bombing its ISIS recruits in Syria to ‘support’ the Iranian-backed Assad government and the Iranian-backed Shia militias and the Iranian-backed Iraqi government while opposing the Iranian-backed Houthi in Yemen…and Iran itself (naturally).

With allies like these…who needs an axis?


Harper is more US/Tea Party than most USicans. If I had my way he would spend the rest of his life as an inmate in Abu Graib or Guanatanamo for his part in the Iraq, Afghan and Haiti. A firing squad is too generous a fate for him.

Harper LITERALLY SAID: “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it.”

He was right, I don’t recognize Canada, it is no longer the inclusive, peace-supporting country I grew up in.


I think I get it now:

We are on BOTH SIDES!

Isn’t that what the banksters always do? Fund both sides of every war?

Every MIC officer I’ve ever met says the same thing: “Bomb them all, and let God sort them out!”

Reminds me of the Movie “Mars Attacks”: Boom! Zapp! Bang-Bang-Bang! “Do not run! We are your fiends!” Bang-Bang-Bang…