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Citing US Invasions of Iraq and Libya, North Korea Says 'Repugnance' of John Bolton Threatens Talks


Citing US Invasions of Iraq and Libya, North Korea Says 'Repugnance' of John Bolton Threatens Talks

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Specifically targeting U.S.


Any statement about a solution to a problem that starts with “Trump would be wise” is meaningless.


John “Bloodsucker” Bolton is a threat to the citizen’s national security. He’s most assuredly the most dangerous man in the current administration. He was a key figure in the Bush II regime. He was behind the Iraq invasion, he wanted regime change in 7 countries in the middle east including Iran. Getting clearer? He was behind Bush II breaking the Clinton agreement with North Korea which then started it’s nuclear weapons program in '02. They tested their first nuke in '07, during Bush II. Getting clearer? How about he’s wanting to eliminate cyber security positions currently in place. Yes he talks of Russian hacking and wants to dismantle the NSC cyber command!? He also wants regime change in Russia of all places and like Afghanistan has never been defeated, in recent times anyway. He’s in an appointed position so Congress can’t touch him, just the executive branch can, AKA Mr Trump. Watch and learn the hard way as Bolton destroys this country.


Both Trump and Bolton are in the pockets of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. Government has been taken over by foreign powers and I’m not talking Russia.


“Trump would be wise to sideline Bolton and his favored ‘Libya model’ and opt for a more reciprocal approach to diplomacy.”

Have to ask if Trump and company have the slightest clue what that may mean as after all the public record only shows demands, threats, intimidation and brute force as the only method they understand and have used both in public and private lives. That is their reality and it works only as long as any opponent does not have the means to retaliate. North Korea, South Korea and all of us will pay a huge price if this leads to open warfare.


Again , as with Libya , The USA is demanding what in essence is “unconditional surrender”. The example of Iran shows that were North Korea to surrender its Nukes , the word of the USA can not be trusted as the USA will simply demand MORE.

What North Korea should be doing is doing all it can to maintain dialogue with South Korea and only South Korea. They should make the promise of reconciliation with South Korea so tantalizing a prospect that the people in South Korea and its people see no alternative but to cut the USA out of any such negotiations.

Inviting the USA into such talks is inviting in the Devil as the USA has as its only goal the annexation of North Korea into its Empire. The North should indicate it will give up its Nuclear weapons and its weapons prgram but that in return the South must work on expelling US forces from their Country.


It is hard to fathom how anyone could have ever believed that Trump, and his Administration of psychopath Generals would have ever had any intention whatsoever to allow North and South Korea to resolve their differences peacefully.

The uptick of military exercises since the right wing fascist dickhead Trump has taken power and his idiotic dangerous threats to destroy North Korea were clearly designed to provoke some military misstep by NK to trigger an overwhelming US response that would result in a devastating all out war on the peninsula.

Bolton is just the icing on that dark cake of reality.


The entire persona and methodology of John Bolton, if you step back and consider what it means to be a citizen in the world, is a scramble by a failed perspective of dominance. There is so much that is blatantly denied by this construct that it makes swiss cheese look like a smooth surface. It is a net to capture, but no more than a net, the most definitive aspect of which are holes, which depends on constant poisoning of everything it touches in an attempt to make up for the vast voids inherent in the absolutely mandatory “externalizations” of its economics. The latter by the way, regardless of whatever is said or claimed, is in fact all that it is. All other claims are trinkets and baubles hung for a short time to distract. In other words, there is no economic integrity to its core claim so egregiously asserted by William Clinton: “Its the economy stupid”. There aren’t even any winds of change. Its nothing but a dead zone clawing at the reality of lives in oikos attempting some degree of parasitic gain.

I have some problems with “Watching the Hawks” - but they produced a 2 part series called Hollywood DC - worth remembering as the current cabal puts the pedal to the metal once again in military aggressions


Does that mean that you don’t work at MSNBC or CNN? (-;


No I don’t work for any of the Fake News Networks. : )


I thought the Pyongyang, regime was suppose to be CRAZY!


Did Trump and Bolton really think. Kim was going to be thrilled because the U.S. and South Korea decided to have simulated War games with B-52 Bombers and all right before the Peace Conference. If Trump was sincere about Peace with North Korea. He would cancel the war games. Otherwise he really isn’t interested in making peace with North Korea. That explains all the Warmongers Trump has brought onboard, including John Bolton.


He must be working for the “enemy.”


Olhippy, if we manage to survive the Trump clusterfuck it will be an absolute miracle. I’m astounded that the country I grew up in (which was far from perfect even then considering we had the likes of the Dulles brothers, Nixon at the helm) could sink as low as it has. The U.S. Government has devolved into nothing but an insane mob of of disorganized criminals that care about absolutely nothing but their own self enrichment at everybody else’s expense. What makes them even worse is they seem to be truly sadistic since they revel in others pain and misery.

I simply cannot wrap my head around why the citizens of this country allow this to continue in their name. We need to be marching on Washington by the millions like Army Ants march across huge swathes of Africa living nothing in their wake. The only difference would we would leave no corrupt politician in our wake and snag a few billionaires like the Koch brothers along the way. Where they go nobody knows.

If we truly had a war on terror we would be at war with ourselves since we are by far there world’s worst terror organization and frankly every time I think I have seen the worst it just goes downhill further. Where does this end?



  1. intense disgust.
    “our growing repugnance at the bleeding carcasses”
    synonyms: revulsion · disgust · abhorrence · repulsion · nausea · loathing · horror · hatred · detestation · aversion · abomination · distaste · antipathy · dislike · contempt · odium

  2. John “Hissy Fit” Bolton’s “thinking” and “personality”
    “Johnny “I’m A Screamer” is a growing repugnance”
    synonyms: crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, …


America must scrape the trump regime off our shoes! The evil POS bolton exemplifies the depravity of trump’s regime!


Finally, someone standing up to this unelected,chickenhawk. Bolton should be in the docket at the Hague.


The US needs to understand:
1, When NC stopped it’s testing it expected the US to stop its war exercises. These exercises are the equivalent of NC nuclear testing for the Koreans.
2. NC is not giving up its nuclear program unless the US stops it’s war posture, removes some of its troops from the Korean peninsula, and withdraws the US nuclear capabilities from the Korean peninsula. If you listen to what NC has said, this what they mean by removing nuclear threats from the peninsula.
3. Any country that wants to find peace with the US will require Bolton to be fired. This war monger has always been a war monger who is unwilling to accept peaceful compromise.
4. Bullies are very hard to negotiate with fairly. Why would NK give up its weapons without a lot of concessions from the US?
5. There needs to be a “fair” broker - perhaps South Korea or China. A deal with Trump will probably never happen.


The whole World knows that America’s word cannot be trusted. That has been evidenced once again with Iran. It was very noticeable when Russia was back stabbed by the US when it pushed NATO eastwards, right to Russia’s borders in direct contravention of the American promise not to do so, in return for Russian consent to the reunification of West Germany and East Germany. Kim is smart enough to know the weasley ways of the US and not to trust it!


I feel rupugnance towards John Bolton and I haven’t even met the man!