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Citing Violent Content, Reddit Bans Misogynist Men's Rights Community


Citing Violent Content, Reddit Bans Misogynist Men's Rights Community

Julia Conley, staff writer

Subreddit was treated by members as a support group, but posts frequently advocated violence against women and sexual assault


These dudes should consider that their problems may have more to do with “the man in the mirror”.
Just sayin’.


There is nothing to crow about here. How easy it is to ban any web site of forum, just pay someone to repeatedly join up and write criminal comments, no law, no courts but you are banned, not the paid Public Relations agent provocateur.
If it has not touched the courts it should not be censored, some corporations statement about what should be censored and why, is not justice, it is not law, it is the thin end of the big brother universe where a cabal of corporations are your big brother, telling you how best to serve, on your knees.


So you’d have no problem with posts here calling for violence against Jews?

Or women? Or children? Pedophilia? Maybe children are the property of these men, as well?

It would seem that there was an echo chamber of misogynist comments at the site.


NATURE has given everything to do with childbearing and care of children to women.

Their ability to protect their children depends on their power within societies.

As we see in Saudi Arabia, the more oppressed the women in the society the more prevalent the sexual abuse
of children in that society.

This misogyny is taught by Elite patriarchy, by organized patriarchal religion – and of course by the propaganda
of pornography - also pushed on the internet by Comcast and Verizon who make billions from it every year.

Violence against women is clearly connected to sexual abuse of children.

Males are our sexual abusers of children according to studies.

Note – Pornography consumption – both violent and non-violent – is associated with verbal and physical sexual aggression.


Incel is not part of the men’s rights movement.

Maybe you should try doing some research before writing your articles.
Just a thought.