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Citing Widespread Election-Related Delays, Federal Judge Invokes 'Extraordinary Measures' to Ensure On-Time Delivery, Counting of Ballots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/citing-widespread-election-related-delays-federal-judge-invokes-extraordinary


I voted three weeks ago by mail, and it felt like I was heaving a paper airplane into the abyss. I hope like hell it gets counted.


From a purely rational point of view, it makes sense to me that any voter should be ‘entitled’ to wait until election day itself to vote, as then he or she is the equal of all who vote on election day at the ballot box. All the information is by election day ‘in’ - and a totally informed and up to date vote is possible.

Hence the delay between election day and the turnover of the administration over two months later. There is ample time for all votes, even those cast on election day, to be tabulated, and for other unforeseen contingencies to be taken care of.

Why is this not written in stone - it is not rocket science ?


And now the case will go on to the US Supreme Court, where the outcome-driven right-wing majority will promptly reverse the District Judge’s ruling, without explanation. Rumpface will be “reelected” on a tidal wave of lawlessness, and the US people will shrink deeper still into learned helplessness and Stockholm syndrome.


I think rather there are two distinct types of people, and they have been pitted against each other since time immemorial, since before there were even so called democracies.

Nixon voters - JFK voters type of thing.

Conservatives, wishing to draw all power to the few - and Liberals, who believe in hearing all voices, and believe in minority rights and balance - Democrats in other words - real democrats.


OTOH, why should ALL voters not be entitled to vote by mail – as several states have safely done for many years with almost zero instances of voter fraud (except as initiated by 'Poop-Lickens, NOT DimWit-Rats) – over a period of three weeks or so that would allow votes to be conveniently counted as they come in (but the numbers NOT released until “Election Day” so as to not unduly influence the result).

When U.S. elections were first held, the fastest reliable communication was by messages carried on horseback.  Even though our nation was much smaller then, it took quite a while for the results to be reported whether or not tabulation was completed by midnight of the Tuesday after the first Monday of November.

Something in the Constitution about elections being handled by the various states, or at least the details of carrying out elections defaulted to the various states since they weren’t reserved to the federal gummint.

Let’s hope Sullivan’s ruling is worded carefully enough that it merely “clarifies” the USPS’s perfectly reasonable and legitimate October 20 “Extraordinary Measures Memorandum”, giving the right-wingers on the SCOTUS* no legal grounds for overturning it.  IMHO, the problem will not be legal challenges, but merely ensuring that it is carried out.


*  I’m working on reversing the acronym “SCOTUS” along the same lines as “POTUS” — “Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit”.
I have a more-or-less acceptable first effort as “Severely Compromised Official Team (of) Unethical Sycophants”, but trust others who post here regularly can do even better . . .


Well - I thought they were already ?

I know when I vote, I prefer vastly to vote on election day itself, and to go in person, to feel the vibes, to see the process as it were, and lastly, to watch as my ballot is dropped into the slot.

But I have always lived in a big city, so I can literally walk a few blocks to do this, usually its a local church or school.

Rural voters, the military, ex pats, people overseas for whatever reason - all should be able to vote by mail - why not - and why not on election day ?

I suspect the real reason is news coverage and the mainstream media wanting an instant result.

I say - suck it up.


I hope you are right, but there’s this:

Minnesota absentee ballots that arrive after 8 p.m. on Election Day might not be counted following appeals court ruling


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Not all voters are entitled to vote by mail.

They may have changed it for this year, but Alabama only allows absentee voting if you can provide an acceptable reason for why you will be out of town on election day. Which also means that you have to know you will be out of town well enough in advance to request the absentee ballot.


SO . . . Will there be gangs of DeJoy-Trump traitors within the USPS spiriting away truckloads of (mostly urban) ballots to unknown locations where they can be put to the torch, or will Phalanxes of Patriotic Postal Pistolleros be defending our ballots to the bitter end?  Tune in at 12:01 a.m. next Wednesday for exciting live coverage on a Fake-News chan-
nel of your choice!!!


More likely there will be Trumpian election officials who put them in a corner and ignore them, then throw them out later.


Pretty gutsy to throw out votes willy nilly without knowing who was being voted for. I suppose if you are very sure most of those are democratic votes it makes some criminal sense.
I wonder if Biden’s inaugural crowd will be larger than trump’s was.


Pessimism has never been my strong suit

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Possible by installing millions of ballot collection boxes, it’s a good idea for sure!


I presume this Inspector General is planning on retiring – or more accurately, “being retired” – rather soon . . .

This “disappearing” of ballots is probably being done by ZIP code – certain parts of a town or state tend one way, and other parts the other way.

As James Thurber once noted, “Don’t count your boobies until they are hatched.”   IMHO, if the DimWit-Rats are suc­cessful in overcoming the ‘Poop-Lickens’ voter-suppression tactics and D’Uhmurika IS rescued from the nightmare of Tweetle-Dumb, there will be YUGE celebrations nationwide, not just in Washington, District of Cesspools.  OTOH, as someone else posted, even if Biden wins, it’s 77 days between the election and the inauguration:

    "Between the Dream and the Fulfillment falls the Shadow . . . " — T. S. Eliot (?)

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I heard of someone suggesting to bring in hundreds of outside workers to help the USPS to get piles of mail processed.
It doesn’t work that way. The labor intensity is in the sorting and delivery.
You can’t just throw mail in a tray and hand everyone you see a piece of mail.
It takes weeks or months to learn a delivery sequence.
The same problem with sorting.
They could demand that all available workers work as much overtime as needed to catch up, including Sunday.
Eight hours will turn into twelve and that may not be enough time if mail is piled high in some of these poorly managed offices.


Good thinking on the zip-code separation idea.
I was being forceful about Biden winning. Of course it’s up in the air even though many think it should have been a cake walk considering trump’s performance or lack thereof .
Thanks for keeping track of the boobies.

The problem is with the Democratic Party.
They COULD have fielded a strong candidate which WOULD have made it a cakewalk against Trump.
Instead, the fix was in for the only candidate that they would allow who turns out to be a non-charismatic Milquetoast “Stay the Course for the Corporations” candidate that is hard for people to get behind.
Their ONLY talking point is “Our candidate is not Trump”
The exact same talking point they had in 2016 against Trump.
Trump is absolutely terrible but he knows how to motivate his base of white supremacists and anti-environmentalists.
Maybe the “Not Trump” card will be good enough.
Let us hope so.
But if it is not, we are really screwed.
And we have the Democratic Party to thank for that.


I hear you on that. Today’s reporting on Biden have a lot of “bad, bad trump” stuff. I couldn’t help but think of Hillary and how that worked for her. NOT.

But, if trump keeps up his denial of the danger of covid and doesn’t address it, and also refuses to give financial help those in need, he may be signing his own defeat imho.


if that’s the way you felt , why didn’t you hand deliver your ballot and avoid all the feelings of dread ?

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