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Citing 'Years of Chaos and Impunity,' ACLU Calls for Breakup of Department of Homeland Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/10/citing-years-chaos-and-impunity-aclu-calls-breakup-department-homeland-security

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I remember Bush caIIing this the HomeIand and aII I could think of was the Nazis And then ---------HomeIand Security does act Iike the Nazis.
Where do these peopIe come from who seem to delight in abusing other human beings?
Where did ICE come from? It’s hard to, “insure domestic tranquillity,” when these hired peopIe seem to deIight in beating up people when freedom of assembIy is a right. I wonder, do any of these peopIe hired for these jobs— what are the skiIIs that the DHS and ICE and some poIice and sherrif departments look for-----is being a buIIy a primary quaIity?


There is no “Homeland Security.”

It is just an illusion, costing the citizenry $Billions every year.

We the People only continue to fund the thieves of the Duopoly, and call it “Government.”

Meanwhile, they rob our treasuries, call it “governing,” and pay themselves and their rich friends in the Military Industrial Complex handsomely.

Us, we starve for someone to save us from the mess of our own making.


From the article: “The very premise of a ‘homeland security’ bureaucracy is chilling and ought to be questioned,” Romero wrote in USA Today . Noting that DHS is an “ineffective super agency” composed of 22 different agencies, Romero argued that breaking up the department would “allow for more effective oversight, accountability, and public transparency.”

The DHS doesn’t need to be broken up into parts; it needs to be dissolved. Along with the Patriot Act and the TSA. ALL of these were passed into law within days of 9/11. Pre planned and written before the buildings fell? None of these were intended to keep citizens or the nation safe. They were meant to enforce a fascist country and suppress the people.

Who in Congress is going to support this ACLU call to action?

If you want to see chaos, DO bring the National Guard into Portland to “protect” the Sacred Building of Justice in which I was falsely accused and sentenced to a year’s worth of “Anger Management Counseling.” (For which I was required to PAY, of course)… and which I completed… all due to LYING COPS who beat me up on the street, for no offense worse than passing by their car on my bicycle while getting a run at a hill.

Yeah, trust me, if the Nat Guard comes in, there will be NO END TO THE MARCHES AND PROTESTS.