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Citizen Musk

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/13/citizen-musk

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This vile creature would take a George, an Abe, an Alexander, or an Andy from my back pocket as quick as look as me into my eye. It is all a game to him. All. Never think otherwise.



Relax. The outrageous sums of money Musk extorts from his workers are well-spent: space tourism.


You left out the part where Musk pulls strings in the background to make sure Bolivia’s rare earth metals profit him and his fellow robber barons instead of the Bolivian people – and if it takes a little coup, well, all in day’s work, right?


He makes electric cars (good for the environment ), he believes in establishing a base on Mars (to save civilization in case we self destruct), he builds solar arrays for individual home owners/dwellers (relieving the electric grid of burning fossil fuels). Some “robber”…give me a few more of them!


Yep, he’s so forward thinking that he’s already lining up the next planet for humans to ruin.


Electric cars will not save the environment–they are slightly better than ICE vehicles in greenhouse gas terms, but replacing the entire fleet with electric cars of the same size and power would cause a huge surge in emissions. Space travel is a pipedream, not feasible beyond the limited trips already made. The notion that if we screw up Earth (as we are manifestly doing) we could save humanity by moving to a plant with insufficient and poisonous atmosphere, no magnetic field to protect against cosmic rays, temperatures similar to Antarctica, no water, and no life is cartoon thinking. My son, an automotive engineer, gave his son “Nicola” as a middle name because, he said, “Elon Musk ruined the name Tesla for me.”


That kind of concentrated power leads inevitably to sociopathy. It isn’t only Musk who is a modern robber baron–Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates have all ridden their monopolies to obscene wealth and power, and are now working with the CIA to prevent any uprisings.


Virtually all politicians around here, from the Governor on down (Jebuz – especially the Governor!) have to kiss this plutocrats ass as he bullies and defies the county health director over COVID precautions for his workers and the surrounding community. This asshole all but publicly ripped-up commonsense public health guidance, pitching in mightily to keeping the pandemic raging around here, and gruesome Newsom has nothing but oaths of fawning adulation for the parasitic growth. The fact that our system hosts a thriving cancerous legion, as personified by Musk, iconically illustrates how twisted, insane, and corrupt things can get in our white supremacist soil, out here.

It even smells bad: Musk. Our modern-day Enkidu of muck.


EV’s are better for the environment - not good. They still pollute on 3 levels of life cycle - mining for very finite rare earth battery components, powering the vehicle via majority fossil fuels electric grids, waste disposal of toxic batteries.

Space travel is a nonsensical concept that needs to be ridiculed and put to rest. NASA should be transformed into a body whose sole mission is to create zero emissions tech to save the planet on which we currently reside… period. Enough with the missions to mars.

You are correct about solar - the future of energy is solar married to hydrogen fuel cells. They already have off-grid residential solar/hydrogen systems that can power your house, create the fuel for your truly long range hydrogen cell car at home, and store energy to sell back to the grid - all with zero emissions (minus manufacturing).


The 19th century robber barons had limited ability to profit beyond US borders and even less power outside the US, and would be green with envy seeing how the 21st century robber barons upped their game.

With Goebbels and the Internet advancing propaganda potential during the 20th century, today’s robber barons have the best propaganda machine the world has ever seen at their disposal.

With the GOP’s latest tax cuts the robber barons pay lower tax rates than you and I do and at least a third of US voters think that is the greatest ting since sliced bread.


SpaceX (Musk) is now filling the sky w/satellites to sell internet connectivity across the globe (supposedly to help out “rural” areas). However at a predicted cost of $80(and counting)/month and $100-300 in equipment fees. Move over Bezos…

With over 400 satellites in orbit currently, Starlink hopes to create a megaconstellation of 42,000 satellites.


Immediate solution to Baron Musk: Don’t buy a Tesla. Choose an electric vehicle built by union workers. Let the elites who drive Teslas know your viewpoint.


Not only that, but “Pedo Guy” Musk (Google " Jury Rules You Can Call Elon Musk a Pedo Guy") is now in the process of destroying the beauty of the night sky and interfering with the work of astronomers with the 12000 satellites he plans to launch.

He’s also the guy who thought it was ok to sell flamethrowers to civilians.


A coup, and probable genocide against the indigenous peoples whose land the lithium reserves are under - more that half the World’s known reserves - which is on land considered sacred by those indigenous peoples who do not want it mined at all. That is a large part of why the coup took place - who gets to decide what is mined - the people who have owned the land for centuries or the greedy capitalist miners and the politicians they pay off to steal the land from it’s rightful owners. Just like in the United States 150 years ago, greed wins out and natives die.


Yes, and on twitter he bragged that the “US can coup anyone they want!”, when another poster brought up that he would personally benefit from the Bolivian coup.

Like many in the tech industry, he’s no genius or great businessman, just another grifter who eats like a pig at the government trough for his wealth, while complaining about the people receiving a small government bailout during the pandemic. To date he has received an estimated $4.9 billion from government sources, wonder what I could do if the government invested that much in my business?

“Musk Defends Receiving $4.9 Billion In Government Support For Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX”


Despite the fact that many white engineers think that Elon Musk is GOD incarnate, the fact is, he is just another narcissistic misogynist and White Supremacist. Kind of like Donald Trump, but with a different hair style. Like Trump, Musk s was born wealthy, male, and White. Both have used their privilege to accumulate massive wealth.

This is what he has said about making coups in Latin America:
“We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” _https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/07/29/we-will-coup-whoever-we-want-elon-musk-and-the-overthrow-of-democracy-in-bolivia/

Here’s what he’s said regarding a female employ he fired who went on to file a lawsuit:
" If you are part of a less represented group, you don’t get a free pass on being a jerk yourself. We have had a few cases at Tesla where someone in a less represented group was actually given a job or promoted over more qualified highly represented candidates and then decided to sue Tesla for millions of dollars because they felt they weren’t promoted enough. That is obviously not cool."

There are very strong community based Green initiative from Puerto Ricans, in Puerto Rico. Musk used his power to get his business a monopoly status in solar power, and he ended up failing and screwing Puerto Rican’s more: _https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/6/2/1857045/-Tesla-swooped-in-to-save-Puerto-Rico-It-was-a-disaster

Here’s some on the racism in his factories: _https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/30/18119832/tesla-elon-musk-discrimination-harassment-racism

I could go on and on and on and on and on. It will make no difference for folk who deify Elon Musk. I’ll leave you with this, from Mehdi Hassan: _https://theintercept.com/2020/05/14/is-elon-musk-a-fraud/


Exactly - the comparable Chevy Bolt or Hyundai Kona are union made.


And America’s greatest hero, Neil Armstrong, the first human being to walk on another celestial body, vocally opposed the privatization of our proud nationalized space program to Musk’s SpaceX, just before being killed in an unexplained unnecessary heart surgery.
Armstrong’s family were awarded more than $6 million in a wrongful death settlement.
SpaceX is now worth $24 Billion.
Musk basically stole Tesla from founders Mark Tarpenning and Martin Eberhardt and he did not found Paypal. He may have begun his career smuggling gemstones out of South Africa with his father aboard their private plane, selling to Tiffany’s, and turned his frat house dorm into a pay-to-play disco party in college. Is Musk the greatest hustler conman ever?


The only thing worse than Musk are his toxic-male fanatical Ayn Randish “libertarian” tech worker followers. A kind of sub-cult of the (now thankfully fading) Jordan Peterson cult.