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Citizen Musk

I drive a Chevy Bolt and it is an amazing car, capable of well over 300 miles range when driven conservatvely. Handles like a sports car, with incredible torque, very fast, and costs about the same as the cheapest Tesla, but with real room for 5 adults and storage. The Tesla 3 doesn’t come close. The back seats are a joke, and little storage. Of course you can buy a Tesla SUV with room like the Bolt for $100K I suppose. Mine was $38K.

Elon Musk basically stole Tesla from the true founders, Martin Eberhardt and Mark Tarpenning who were forbidden from publicly disclosing what he did to them.
He did NOT found Paypal. He is from a very wealthy family and I believe made his first money by smuggling gemstones out of Africa and selling them to Tiffany’s. Musk is a vainglorious egomaniacal billionaire who steps on anyone he wishes and I suspect mght have had something to do with the death of Neil Armstrong. Armstrong opposed the privatization of our nationalized space program to SpaceX , gave congressional testimony in opposition, and then mysteriously died from an unnecessary surgery. His family was awarded a wrongful death settlement of $6 million.


Musk only likes fascism when used for illegal coups in countries that are claiming his lithium deposits.
“We coup whoever we want.”

To summarize , Musk is a Capitalist.

He functions as the system allows him to functions. His behaviour is rewarded because under the system called Capitalism the peoples are rewarded most when they act only on self interest.

Capitalism is not Socialism. It is not concerned with Social well being our how a Society functions, nor is it Environmentalism as it does not care about the environment and only sees our ecosystems as a road towards wealth. Capitalism is only concerned with acquiring Capital.

In the USA the Corporation has been awarded “personhood”. In that respect it little different then a Citizen. It is not a great stretch to suggest that Capital now has “personhood”. After all it has as great a role if not a greater one in determining how a Government will be run and for whose best interests then does the Citizen with his or her vote.


Armstrong died from complications of heart surgery. Please provide documentation that his surgery was unnecessary. O/W stop spreading false Information that only helps Musk’s supporters.

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I like Zephyr Teachout’s attitude on boycotts - they usually fail and what we really need is better regulation including breaking up monopolies. I drive a Leaf but I considered a model 3. I’m a bit disappointed with Tesla which painted itself as a company that would make seed money off rich people but would the supply a car for the masses. The model 3 certainly isn’t that car. But with limited EV options, if Tesla made the best car for my purposes, I would get it and I’d ignore the consumer boycott as would most people. The best way to knock Musk down a few pegs is for the other EV makers to up their game - none of their offerings is anywhere near where it should be if you ask me. Right off the bat we need a design that uses a standard interchangeable battery (a new standard I realize) and nobody is even talking about that.

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That name is just so similar to SkyNet too like they’ aren’t even trying to hide their ill intentions

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SHAME on you Robert Reich. You have a good heart, but your report is FULL of inaccurate innuendo. It is full of emotional BS but very thin on facts. You have “spun” these half-truths to try to whip people up against a hero of american capitalism. You should pick on someone who has not dedicated his life to making the world a BETTER place. Shame. Shame. Shame.

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Check the facts. Musk is one of the good guys.

What ill intentions? Or are you just jumping on a bandwagon?

The crazy thing is that Musk has allowed most of his so called innovations and technologies to be “open sourced”. So why aren’t other manufacturers using the best tech and creating their own better and cheap er versions? Musk is daring them to, yet it hasn’t really happened. His employee practices suck but he still delivers an exemplary product, so why…???
PS Just because he’s a bit loony shouldn’t make him a complete asshole, just eccentric.


Psychopathy is hereditary.
You need only google Musk’s father to get an idea of what kind of monster he is, and where his wealth came from.

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Musk it what South Africans would call a Poephol. His great wealth does not make him a great person although he obviously thinks it gives him the right to do whatever he wants. It’s a shame that some people can’t see the truth of what he is.

That’s the difference money makes. You call them eccentric instead of the more accurate asshole.

That was a pretty obvious Terminator reference but by all means, go off.

You are very big on OPINION but very light on FACTS. Might be a good idea to dive a bit deeper before casting judgement on someone.

So much for putting our faith in neoliberal policies, and capitalist rich boys to guide us out of the era of fossil fuels and fools. One only has to look at the sneering face of this boy/man to see the narcissism. It’s a greasy, self satisfied look that’s slightly unhealthy…but anyone can tell, he thinks he’s the smartest guy on the planet.

Too bad his fantasy of a colony on Mars isn’t going to go anywhere…the speed of light and the mortal human body both being what they are.

A people’s government would slap some regulations on this entre proeur (entrepruneur…to enter and to take). We;ve been worshipping in the devil’s church for longer than we imagine, in ‘free market, enslaved people’ Amerika.

Friend of yours is he?

Read about the report from Armstrong’s family forensic pathologist who stated that his surgery was unnecessary.

Or maybe you have a good explanation of why his family was awarded $6million in wrongful death for a surgery that he didn’t need.

Remember, Armstrong was one of America’s most perfect human beings; why he was chosen for the space program.

The timing of Armstrong’s wrongful death just after giving congressional testimony opposing a billionaire who can charitably be described as a real monster for the treatment of his employees, business partners and various members of the general public (recall “pedo guy” ??) is I am sure just coincidental.
It has been reported Musk was in tears after hearing of Armstrong’s testimony against him.

Armstrong died from cardiac tamponade after some temporary pacemaker wires were removed (routine). He should not have died from that. But they tried to treat it without re opening his chest, and he died after that, probably from the shock. That’s why there was a settlement.
It is nearly impossible to do a CABG without a cardiologist recommending it, and they are highly motivated to treat coronary disease in the cath lab, with stents and angioplasty.