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Citizen Musk

THE CARDIAC SURGERY IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS UNNECESSARY. Read a little more about the case and you will learn something.

My google search shows NO claims that the surgery was unnecessary. Please provide a link to the pathologist who made the claim.

I’m sorry, I’m not here to prove anything to you. Maybe you shouldn’t use Google. They aren’t all that neutral. Maybe you should just dig up the contemporary articles from the various papers and stations which covered it and read them all. It will take you some time.
I know what I read. It’s out there. go find it if you really feel the need that badly.
The MD who reviewed the case for the family said he didn’t see why Armstrong needed the surgery in the first place.

In other words you have no proof. You are a toxic individual. You are a perfect example of how almost any mentally unstable individual can manipulate social media. Relax Toots, for I am quite sure some poor sap at Mediamatters or the Hill will buy your unsupported claims.