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'Citizenfour' Triumphs: Snowden Documentary Nabs Oscar


'Citizenfour' Triumphs: Snowden Documentary Nabs Oscar

Jon Queally, staff writer

Citizenfour, the film chronicling the decision made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to expose wrongdoing to the world by leaking details of the agency's top-secret global surveillance operation to journalists, was awarded the Best Documentary Film award at Sunday night's Academy Award.


Thank you for the suggestions at the end.
Indeed, the people were never asked if we wanted to be warrantlessly spied upon. This was never put up for discussion before it was implemented, before tax dollars were spent to build the mainframes and infrastructure that are used to spy on us.

Here’s some random key words for those computers to chew on: bomb, blow up, embassy, take over, poison gas, plutonium, shipment of guns, altered passports, CIA support, faith based agenda, hijack, Bolivian submarine. HA!

Just doing my part to waste unnecessary government resources.


While I’m glad that Citizenfour has received some much deserved attention, let’s not make more of this award than there actually is. People are always overestimating the effect that the Oscars ceremony has on the American public.

What I would really have enjoyed is watching someone call out Neil Patrick Harris for his “treason” remark but then Hollywood has accommodated the MIC throughout its history.



Don’t forget, the infrastructure the NSA is using to spy on us was funded and built early during the Bush years. Obama could have shut it down but didn’t.


Hmm, this doesn’t sit right, yeah its nice to get the award and recognition. But the Academy Awards are pure " Elite" run, lock ,stock and barrel. So either they are feeling some pangs of guilt or they are up to some crafty " social manipulation scheme". This about it, Zero Dark Thirty and Hurt Locker are pure Hollywood/ Pentagon Propaganda …then these very same people turn around and give and award to its very antithesis?


Zero Dark Thirty and Hurt Locker are pure Hollywood/ Pentagon
Propaganda …then these very same people turn around and give and award
to its very antithesis (sic)?

What we need to keep in mind is that the Academy voters do not see the world in the same way as other people.

While we can see the stark contrast between the films that you list, the people who vote apparently do not. Hollywood folk may be very talented in their skill fields but they have shown repeatedly that they are not politically sophisticated.



Obama once sworn into office proceeded to sell us all out…Of course he didn’t campaign on doing that just the opposite but once the powers behind the curtain whispered in his ear he sold us OUT…without so much as a reach around or a good night kiss…lie-ing bastard.


I agree about the “treason” remark - that rankled for me too, as did the rather puny applause from the audience, as compared with standing long ovations for “Selma” and “Sniper” when their times came. I’d have hoped for a little more enthusiasm for “Citizenfour”. Maybe it’ll take another 50 years for realisation to truly dawn on what Ed Snowden did for us.


There are 22 movie screens in Dubuque,Iowa, and C-four never showed here. I’ll rent the DVD, as I finally did with Cesar Chavez.


The movie business is only concerned with making money. They must have found out that truth is more profitable than propaganda.


For some people it will take 50 years to realize what Snowden did for us. For most moderately intelligent people it didn’t take a second. Don’t judge the public by the response at the Oscars. Most of the people in audience were movie actors. Most of them are a bit slow.


Slow - yes, I guess! And afraid to offend His Majesty. I’ve read a couple of threads of comment elsewhere though, and much of what has been written, presumably by everyday readers, not “celebrities” was disappointing in the extreme.


I agree Harris’s remark betrayed his ignorance of the significance and valor of Snowden’s actions. Those who don’t take the time to inform themselves about especially controversial political issues, should not then make flippant public comments about them!