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Citizens Must Hold Government Accountable on Climate

Citizens Must Hold Government Accountable on Climate

Bill McKibben

A few things that happened this week: one set of researchers announced that February was the planet’s fourth-warmest month on record, which is especially bad news since the El Niño that produced last year’s record-breaking heat is over and we’re supposed to be cooling a little. Another group of scientists published data showing that, for the third year in a row, Arctic ice has set a new record winter low. Still other statisticians showed that, to date, this has been by far the worst wildfire season on record in the United States — two million acres burned against an average of 200,000.

" Scared by Trumps insistence that climate change is a Chinese Hoax".

That seems to me to be the crux of the problem, too many people are either insouciant or not scared enough yet, to see the urgency of climate perdition.

From my perspective of aeromancy, the masses of climate deniers will not see what McKibben and many reputable climate scientists have been telling us until it is too late. but lets hope that I am proved wrong!

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I guess we will find out if people really care about the future of their country, of civilization, of their children or grandchildren. Is there any impending disaster that will pull people away from their TV sets and turn them into activists? Can the inertia of living everyday lives as if this type of life will go on forever be overcome? I am not optimistic. Staying under 2C is probably out of reach. But, there is still time to save civilization according to climate scientist Michael Mann. But do enough people really understand the threat?

The Repooplicans’ answer to a rising tide of Climate Change Facts – King Canute for Congress, 2018!

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What is equally dangerous about Trump’s climate denialism is that it also takes off the table any discussion and funding to deal with changes that are already here and others that we know are coming. The problem is now bigger than just cutting emissions.


They won’t accept it until signs become visible and perceptible – until they can feel increasing heat or see oceans rising and being where they weren’t before, until crop failures cause intermittent food shortages, till the electric bill for needing to use air conditioning more hours per day, till news reports of a large increase in heat related fatalities are an everyday event, until schools are unable to keep children survivably safe and comfortable during school hours, until the sight of snow capped mountains becomes a rarely, until refrigeration of food stored or shipped becomes costly and impractical and people even the very wealthy have to learn to live on whatever imperishable foods can be obtained.

Will so-called civilized humans be able to put aside all the differences that are still treated as incredibly important and work together to maximize available resources until new forms of society adapt to difficult new conditions, or will scapegoating and other blaming and war making bring a quick end to the human survival experiment?

I am afraid you are correct, but would sincerely hope you and I are wrong! Thanks for your reply.

I assume that because you don’t want to lose your job, you’ll never “come out and say” that because global warming is now “feeding on itself”–has ITSELF become a cause of global warming–you will never admit that it’s now TOO LATE for government–or anyone–to prevent warming to accelerate, causing our species to soon join the many other species now going extinct! Bill, YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY!!

Since when is Bill McKibben a “climate scientist”?!!

I’d like to know the BASIS of Mann’ s saying that! Is he saying that because being too truthful will result in him losing his job–what happened to Peter Wadhams (per an email that I was copied on)?!

Thanks for the correction. Poor syntax on my part.