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Citizens United, the First Amendment, and the Ballot


Citizens United, the First Amendment, and the Ballot

Jasmine Gomez

In this post-Occupy, post-Tea Party election, with voters on both sides concerned about the excessive influence of big money in our political system, voters in California and Washington have the chance to vote on whether Congress should pass, and California and Washington ratify, a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court’s 2010


When the Supreme Court is interpreting the constitution there can be several possible interpretations that are consistent with it.

A wise Court would be guided in the selection process by the realities of life, including one of the expressed guiding principles of our founding, the goal of achieving a government of the people, by the people, and for the people ( as opposed to a government by aristocracy, plutocracy etc, as almost universally then existed in other countries).

Such a court could keep us moving and leading the world in the right direction. Sadly we have not had anything like this quality of Court for a long while, and there are strong forces at play to see we don't get one.

It's universally the case that the so called elites, the rich and powerful seek to bend all the instruments of power into the service of their interests. We see that here.


Actually the writers of the Constitution were indeed plutocrats, and some of our favorite parts of it were written to protect certain plutocratic interests, such as the 2nd Amendment and the Electoral College, both ploys to get the buy-in of the slaveholding plutocrats. And remember that only land-owning White males had the franchise, from our beginning.


I've amended by post to include the word, "expressed". Otherwise, I agree with you.


a corporation is not a living breathing organism period. It has no soul. It exist on paper only. It has only one function which is to generate capital by any means. Cut Quality OK, Cut Safety OK, Cut Workers OK, Cut Payroll OK, Nasty Chemicals OK, Pollution OK, Waste OK and on and on and on. DOES this resemble a HUMAN BEING AT ALL. (Well maybe the Republican Party) NO MORALS=NO HUMANITY!


At the time of the CU ruling and a couple of rulings giving religious institutions rights over the religious expression of individuals, I came up with the navel as the test for citizenship eligibility. I made a meme, showing my own not-very-well-kept 60-some-yo belly button, up close enough to be a bit of a challenge to recognize immediately. CD doesn't allow enough kB to sheare it here, but I'll share it with anyone who writes to me as barbara@bkswrites.com.


Big Money will always find ways to corrupt representative government. Like Jesse Ventura says, "stay vigilant".



Unfortunately, money as First Amendment protected free speech is only one head of the snake, the other being corporate personhood. As long as corporations have Constitutional rights the same as people, they will be able to use the Constitution (and all that free speech money) to overturn state, local and Federal laws that attempt to rein in corporate abuse.


Just look at what Corporations have morphed in to since Citizens United- That just wasn't enough, they are now trying to destroy our Courts, Laws and Constitution with the "Free Trade" deals Obama is so feverishly working for- Obama will get hugely rewarded for this, also because of the Corporate influence and $$$Money that was injected into our Democracy with Citizens United...
We had better find A solution to this-time is running out!


A lot of what's in these new trade deals already existed in NAFTA, etc., but yeah, they literally seem to be going for world domination, destruction of our right to self determination, worker and environmental protections, etc.