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Citizens United vs. United Citizens: The Showdown of the Century

Citizens United vs. United Citizens: The Showdown of the Century

Laura Bonham
With the presidency of Donald Trump, the fusion of government and corporate rule is complete

Too many Americans are still too comfortable with the present and the future prospects of life here in the USA. There is almost no historical memory on how the “middle class” achieved the rights of that class over the decades…no memory whatsoever. The original decision way back in the early part of the 20th century to push along “rights” of corporations mentioned in this article was an error internal to the courts and never should have past muster. The purchased supreme court members who voted for this infamous ruling in 2010 are probably the dumbest ignorant individuals that ever sat on the court. “Capitalism” is not human compatible. Capitalism is a game. Like Monopoly. For a “capitalistic society” to function on more of a level playing field the game needs RULES to not allow the (rough quote from Adam Smith) “…ravages of unbridled capitalism to crush the common people…” There was a time when corporations had limited lives; they did die especially if found committing fraud. The author is correct. Until Citizen’s United is overturned and buried for good the “commons” has no chance.


I’ve been signing petition for way over a decade. I’ve marched and called. How do we get the “we the people” that are skating by and don’t want to rock boat and don’t even realized what is really going on? And they won’t as they are not paying enough attention and all they get is he says, she ways news. The media is a HUGE part of the problem as they are owned by the 1% even the so called liberal media.

Thank you though and I bet most Americans don’t know what the hell the Gilded Age was. I did not until 20 years ago when Bobby Kennedy I believe wrote an article about it. I new of the plight with unions over the years and people going to Washington with pitch forks but not about Gilded Age.


the wolves we vote into office are circling folks, whats next? our freedom?


Thanks especially for the last of the article, the point that getting Citizens United overturned is not enough. But the beginning may distract many readers, and with a slight misstatement of the truth: djt is not a corporatist. He’s something even more dangerous, an economic dynast. He learned from his slum-lord dad that the poor weren’t where the money is. He caters to the rich, and makes his money only to turn over to his children. He is not responsible to shareholders or anyone else. That’s why we have the added problem of the cult of personality and quite a number of lacunae in his comprehension, especially in dealing with public companies, manufacturers, and how jobs actually get created.

Go to the next level now, and read A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.


Giving Corporations unchecked power and rights well beyond that of the common man or woman is unethical and immoral.

Any court, including the one we refer to as “Supreme,” if it upholds the prejudicial favoritism it has given to corporations, has shown to be corrupted, and therefore is not operating lawfully in the best interests of the population.

Justification of their unethical and immoral decisions, is nothing more than an undemocratic excuse.

Excellent article Laura.


What’s next you say?

Wolf Stew.

A July 5, 2017, article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reports that Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction episode.

The article, “Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate losses and declines,” concludes, in part:

“”(T)he proximate causes of population extinction (are): habitat conversion, climate disruption, overexploitation, toxification, species invasions, disease, and (potentially) large-scale nuclear war(.) … The ultimate drivers of those immediate causes of biotic destruction (are), namely, human overpopulation and continued population growth, and overconsumption, especially by the rich. …"

The administration of the man in the White House that released the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment on Friday, November 3, 2017, finds “no convincing alternative explanation for climate change” in the NCA3 other than anthropogenic (human-caused).

Homo sapiens has been a 200,000-year experiment that appears to be failing.

Now THIS … is serious journalism. Thank you, Laura, for showing the way.