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City-Sized 1,000-Foot Deep Cavity Found in Glacier, Warns NASA, Signaling 'Rapid Decay' of Antarctic Ice

City-Sized 1,000-Foot Deep Cavity Found in Glacier, Warns NASA, Signaling 'Rapid Decay' of Antarctic Ice

Julia Conley, staff writer

NASA scientists were startled when a recent exploratory mission revealed a huge and rapidly-growing cavity on the underside of one of Antaractica's glaciers—signaling that the ice mass has been melting much faster than experts realized.

The cavity is two-thirds the size of Manhattan—large enough to have contained about 14 billion tons of ice before it melted, according to a report that was published in Science Advances on Thursday.


It is my dream that this news becomes front page news world wide and that killing each other stops and ends up on the back page. We need everyone to start protecting everyone because all hell is starting to break loose. Literally.


People are to stupid to understand Science and melting Glaciers. They care more about Trumps’ Tweets.


Like every article on climate change these days, this one contains the statement that this is happening much faster than previously thought. We have indeed moved into the exponential phase of the climate crisis.


Whatever happens, we must never let Trump get near this glacier.

The amount of hot air that comes from his piehole, would surely cause a Global Extinction Event.


Meanwhile religious leaders continue to ignore reality about overpopulation.

Like this…

The Pope went on to urge politicians and the local administration to provide more support to help people with large families, lamenting that such help is not always forthcoming. He concluded his address with a special prayer for families hit by the economic crisis where either the father or mother have lost their jobs or where the young can’t find employment, as well as all families struggling with solitude and divisions. And please, continue praying for me, the Pope ended, “because in a way I’m like a grandfather for all of you.”


From http://thewandererpress.com/catholic/news/breaking/our-savior-is-born/

“Each of your children”, he said, “was wanted by God”

In that case, God has completely fucked us over - thanks a lot.

I’ve never understood why some progressives are enamored with this pope - he’s still a jerk on birth control and women’s rights. I encourage all Catholics to become Unitarians or Atheists.


Meanwhile: A well-known skeptic of the seriousness of climate change will join the Environmental Protection Agency’s science advisory board. Alabama ‘climatologist’ John Christy has been a favorite of Republican lawmakers who disagree with the science that shows humans are heating the planet and causing an environmental crisis.

As an example of what sort of toxic dullard Christy is:

In 2014, in a column he co-authored in the Wall Street Journal defending his views, Christy said scientists at one time had achieved consensus that the Earth was flat.

Which either reveals his general ignorance or propensity to deceive

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_flat_Earth


My first yuk-yuk of the day. Thanks PB

In developed ‘Catholic’ countries what the ‘Pope’ says about having children goes for zip.
Italy: 1.35 births per woman
Spain: 1.33 births per woman
Poland: 1.32 births per woman

Lowering of poverty levels in any society lowers the birth-rate regardless of what any ‘god’ wants.


You and the wife staying inside and warm up there in Cheeseland?

Hibernating for the past couple of days. No mail delivery, and unsure about the garbage pick. Have to go to Green Bay for an ultra sound tomorrow after a blood draw and EKG at a local hospital. The latter a quarterly check-up on heart medication.


In Mexico a slightly inland resort had cut itself a canal from the ocean. This enabled a team of geologists to investigate the sides of the fresh-cut canal. They discovered that at some time within a 50 year period in geologic history, the ocean had risen 30 feet. So, it’s not just that the current climate change megatrigger can fuel an ocean rise, it’s that we have evidence that these things happened with microtriggers.

Miami’s skyscrapers could be in a levee-lined bowl, as New Orleans is now, at least for a while.

Here is a map of Antartica with the location of the glacier

Here is a seismic map of interest - starting in 2015 w/ Mt. Erebus showing activity

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Way too late for your birth control message, put it away . .

“Than previously thought” BY WHO?
Let’s name the names of the scientists, committtees, institutions who publish ridiculously erroneous forecasts!

Do a followup on all ocean level forecasts

This should be front page news. Thanks.

Not to mention what Erebus’s surface smoke must be doing to blacken the surface of the ice, which holds in heat.