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Civil Disobedience and Policing in the Anthropocene

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/05/civil-disobedience-and-policing-anthropocene

Unfortunately, the Establishment’s instinctual reaction to civil disobedience is:


The cops’ highest priority is to protect the interests of the 1%, commonly referred to as “the man” during the Viet Nam era protests.

We’re going to need a bigger protest crowd.

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I was in the protests of the 60s and early 70s, not only protests against the Vietnam war, but also the early protests against those destroying our environment. So what do those of us who took to the streets and have been engaged in protests ever since? A country still owned and controlled by the same rich and powerful ruling elite, a country still waging illegal wars, but not just one war, now endless wars on several fronts. Worst of all, we now face a crisis with our climate and the wholesale extinction of species that would have been our worst nightmare in the 60s.

The core of the problem is that the status quo establishment has adopted new strategies and tactics to deal with protests and civil disobedience, but protest and resistance movements are still stuck in the 60s as far as means of protests. Fifty plus years with nothing to show for it and we’re still using the same old failed tactics.

I don’t have any miracle cures or sure thing answers, but I do think it’s time to re-think ways to effect serious change. I also think it’s time to revive some of those old 60s tactics, specifically, developing alternate lifestyles. From experience, if there’s one thing that scares the crap out of the establishment and totally befuddles them, it is those who choose to live in a way that rejects and repudiates this country’s dominant consumer lifestyle. Again, I can only speculate on what will and won’t work, but I can damn sure guarantee, that if we keep using the same forms of protest, we will lose.

Cops have NEVER been your friend but the constant propaganda refuting that reality is insidious. Movies and tv shows and ‘murder’ mystery books continue to promote a socialized myth, an illusion that only serves the purpose of a select few.

The not-so-funny joke that they will ‘protect and serve you to death’ speaks volumes. Been there, had that done to me.

Doesn’t anybody wonder why their ‘unions’ make real worker’s unions look like preschool playacting? Why judges and juries refuse to convict obvious murderers wearing badges? Propaganda works, live the myth, go shopping, all is well, don’t forget to tweet, how many likes have you had on FaceBlech today!

As the climate continues to destabilize to worse and dire horror, I’m expecting that they will get worse right along with it. More brutal, more violent. That’s all they know. With a spousal abuse rate double the average is anybody really surprised is bleeds all over the rest of us? Hell, a good martial arts studio takes five years to earn a black belt. It only takes what, eight weeks maybe, to graduate to carrying a gun with complete immunity in the use of? I FEERD FER MY LIF! That’s all it takes even if who they shot in the back was 40 feet away running.

Those of us that were there in the 60s & 70s remember, but I’m afraid we ain’t seen nothing yet in comparison. The war stopped but the collapsing climate will go on and on. Our species is going to flip the f**k out, go completely bananas on one another. That is a historical truth always seen in the crash of earlier societies and civilizations.

And the wealthy will use the cops as they always have, enforcers and shock troops to protect their ‘interests.’ Happened before, and history repeats itself endlessly sometimes…