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Civil Disobedience, Billionaire-Style

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/16/civil-disobedience-billionaire-style

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There’s a great write-up about our local Pestilency Jr, from Mehdi Hassan:

But like so many super-rich, self-styled intellectuals, he’s not very well read. Musk once claimed Marx was a capitalist because he said, and I kid you not, Marx wrote a book on capital. Yeah, “Das Kapital,” the book in which socialist Karl Marx outlines how capitalism will destroy itself.

Is Elon Musk a Fraud?


“Civil disobedience, bllionaire-style” means breaking the law and NOT getting clubbed, tazed, tear-gassed or terminated.

I have a short list of people I’d like to shoot in the middle of Fifth Avenue, but I’m nowhere near rich enough to get away with it. (sigh)


Here in Oregon a Salon is being fined $10,000 for opening early which seems a big overreach by the state. That amount could bankrupt a person’s ability to make a living. Yes, there should be accountability but…???

If the governor of the state of California fails to respond in a meaningful and high-profile way, that should be the end of his career.


Let’s compare lists and see if there are some duplicates…
I was part of The Movement back in the day. Real civil disobedience because we were fighting for equal rights for all people and against the entrenched laws of the culture. We were unarmed. And we did chant but mainly did peaceful sit-ins. Let’s see…we had eggs splattered on our heads, we were spat on, tear gassed, fire hosed, attacked by dogs, and had real big shotguns aimed at our faces. Those of us who had pale skin heard the most vile epithets(the most mild of which we were fornicating with monkeys). We were arrested. Put in jail. Yet we persevered.
A young man who has never experienced real life, meaning getting out in nature, doing hard manual work, and living paycheck to paycheck but, instead, living in a fabricated fantasy world and throws a tantrum worthy of a three year old, is not engaging in civil disobedience. He’s a man-boy, with zero common sense, who, because of his ill-gotten wealth, is kowtowed to and admired. Bet he’s never read any classical literature of any culture or time. From Rumi to Plato to Shakespeare to Beckett to Harlan Ellison to Alice Walker…Which makes him very dangerous because he has no empathy or compassion for anything. His employees are robots to him, that he has to pay.
Good luck, android Elon. You can fantasize about colonizing Mars or finding Planet B, but the real world will eventually win. And all those billions won’t mean a thing.


This will be blamed on the Democrats.

Musk has always appealed to a cult following with his overpriced cars, failure to deliver products on schedule, and his ultimate scam getting people to give him $100 deposits for a pickup “truck” that is only at the 20% design stage that amounts to a $20 million interest free loan. Who knows if the “truck” will ever materialize ?

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musk is an entitled prick, and his cars are crap. They have poor build quality and look ugly. Progressives shouldn’t buy them and they should tell their friends and acquaintances not to buy them. Let’s put this scumbag out of business so he can’t continue to exploit his workers and destroy what’s left of our country’s morals.


I’m lately calling the Tesla ‘S’ sedan the most over-rated EV on the road. We certainly should have more EVs, but the Tesla model distributes its battery resource to the least number of households, exclusively the upper class. Thus Tesla’s popularity within elite business circles.

The EV model which distributes battery (and charging) resources most broadly is the Plug-in Hybrid PHEV. One Tesla battery can otherwise power 15 Prius PHEVs rated an effective 110mpg, or 5 Chevy Volts rated an effective 150mpg when their daily miles driven are kept below 20 and 50 miles respectively. The less they’re driven, the longer they last; probably the main reason why the Big 3 no longer promote standard hybrid nor PHEV.

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Hi sekhmetsdauhter:

And the really sad thing is that Mr. Musk is not acting like the real Tesla. He is acting more like Thomas Edison and GE----who totally screwed over Mr. Tesla. And even weirder, Mr Musk has named his child a name which can neither be fathomed nor pronounced.
Mr Musk has a very creative brain—but it seems to be failing hm and all the workers in his factory. : (


A lot of Elon bashing going on here and much of it untrue.
Elon Musk is the only billionaire I have any respect for, and I have even higher regard for him since reading Ashley Vance’s biography “Elon Musk”.
Solar and EVs are our future and Elon is leading the way.

There is no such thing as a “moral billionaire”.


So people are forced to show up to work jeopardizing their health and possibly dying or stay home and get no unemployment. And where is their government in this protecting them from this corporate tyranny? NOWHERE. On the contrary that government used the taxes those workers pay to bail out these rich assholes and now is standing by idly as the corporations pretty much give people the choice of death or destitution. The fact that Tesla, a private company, can even threaten their GOVERNMENT RUN unemployment benefits says it all.

Now if small business owners had opened their salons, barber shops and what have you defying public orders, the Sheriff’s department would have shut them down in no time. But Tesla does it, Newsome doesnt even talk about it. It’s justice for the rich and powerful, law and order for everyone else.

What should be happening is that Newsome sends the National Guard to the Tesla plant and escorts out the employees and the DA charges Musk with public endangerment. But nope he will be allowed to get away with it and next year get a tax cut too.

This country is going down a dark path and most of it brought upon by the ignorant, complacent citizenry that simply allows those in power to walk all over them.

The reality is bad as Trump is, you cannot vote for Biden or Pelosi, Feisntein or Harris and then complain that things are going bad for you.


I have much doubts that he will win or heck even if he does it will change much of anything but I am going to do my hardest to try to get Shahid to replace Pelosi.

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yes how admirable of him to jeopardize the lives of his workers by threatening them with either death or destitution and defying state laws so he can stockpile more cash cause god knows he doesn’t have enough. He only sold two Bel Air homes in the last month. But hey what’s a few deaths and spome mass worker exploitation as long as you make solar panels and EVs? We should all be so lucky to sacrifice our lives and die for Elon Musk’s solar panels. Starting with YOU! You go die for him and his solar panels and green vision, you little billionaire lapdog.


Every billionaire is a policy failure.

The US is a failed state.


Hello RandyBo,

I think you are way off the mark. Elon Musk is a reprehensible self-centered plutocrat who has taken a leading role in promoting a great deal of wrong against vulnerable people. In addition to putting the health of many people at risk for his own personal enrichment, he is notorious for abusing workers and for relying on imperialist power to oppress indigenous communities in order to profit by acquiring raw materials from their lands. Here are two reports, you can find many more:



As an engineer, I find it appalling that, in the engineering community, there is almost uniform veneration Elon Musk. Then again, many of these folk are the same who are falling over themselves to praise Trump’s new Space Force.


Musk should go manufacture in his shit hole country of origin.

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He’s a prick. Period.