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Civil Liberties Groups Warn Proposed EU 'Terrorist Content' Rule a Threat to Democratic Values

Civil Liberties Groups Warn Proposed EU 'Terrorist Content' Rule a Threat to Democratic Values

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Dozens of human rights groups and academics have signed on to an open letter (pdf) raising alarm about the European Union's proposed Regulation on Preventing the Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online, warning that its call for Internet hosts to employ "proactive measures" to censor such content "will almost certainly lead platforms to adopt poorly understood tools" at the expense of democratic values

“Terrorism” is the invention to replace the Cold War/Communism –

but Pentagon made clear to W Bush in 2004 “Secret Memo” that Global Warming
is the greater threat to the security of US.

US/CIA continues to set the world on fire.


Too bad it works so well!

Democratic Values? Quaint.

They continue to build their underground fortresses to retire to when things get bad enough. They, the anointed, the gilded, and misguided, may have top-side protection, but not enough to take on the forsaken.
Once they have moved underground I believe the rest of us have the upper hand. We can bomb them, gas, or dig them out if necessary to pay for their sins.
I know, this sounds a bit naive, but it’s only part imagination, and part reality.

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Government is never your friend, and it does not exist for the benefit of the governed.

The primary purpose of any government is to retain a monopoly on power, and controlling information is one of the best ways to do so. The EU, China, all governments recognize this

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Don’t forget kids, brexit is all about racism.

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Ha! Democracy.

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Never thought of that – wow!

Of course the underground fortresses may be in Paraguay –
and they’ll have left an Air Force to bomb and drone us –

and likely at that point we won’t be thinking about them at all –

I want TRUTH Hearings now – in present time –
and you know it’s amazing how many of the answers on all of their misdeeds are
actually known. Granted they tend to wipe out the guys stupid enough to do their
dirty work, but a lot of ordinary people see and hear extraordinary things.

What we also see is that once one of them is talking - they all begin to talk.
What works for them on their way up, works even better for us as they fall down again.

Hearings now. BRING ROPE.

Sounds like Bannon has made his rounds in Europe.