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Civil Rights Advocates Concerned That Betsy DeVos Will Not Stand Up for All Children


Civil Rights Advocates Concerned That Betsy DeVos Will Not Stand Up for All Children

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The "alarming record" of billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Education, has national civil rights groups warning that the ideologically-driven conservative will not be an advocate for all children.


Just read that questions were going to be limited to 5 minutes, Any updates on that?

Mother Jones had an interesting article about her and Calvinism::


For DeVos, this seems to be a Holy War.

By the way, did anyone else see the Scahill article about her brother advising Trump?


Her brother was also a darling of GWB, Cheney, and Rumsfeld who made Erik Prince a multi-millionaire with all the government contracts they gave EP and his Blackwater (name has since changed) “security” in Iraq and Afghanistan. DeVos parents are BIG GOP donors (they are the Amway pyramid fortune founders). The ghouls have risen and are poisoning our nation, especially in the seat of our nation’s government.


DeVos will only stand up for blonde hair, blue-eyed children whose parents have a HUGE bank account, live in a mansion, and attend private schools (paid for with vouchers, of course). What does someone who has never attended a public school or ever done anything except hold fundraisers for her and her family’s causes (religious based) know about PUBLIC EDUCATION? Just like all the T-dump anointees: unqualified, unsuited, and downright disastrous in all their proposed positions. It is going to be one harrowing road for us to take to combat this onslaught on our nation and the world!


Oh yes, I remember Blackwater well, and all the articles about Prince, too. In fact, didn’t Scahill write about them at the time? I’d have to look, but I seem to remember hearing him on Democracy Now! talking about Blackwater.

Regarding your other post, DeVos said she wouldn’t stand up for disabled children, either. That’s one sick family.

Trump’s choices all have one thing in common—they’re prepared to destroy the department they’re in charge of. And that’s the entire point. These aren’t isolated cases but a pattern, and that includes the purges.

I think that some people (and all of the MSM) haven’t fully grasped that yet, or they’re in deep denial about it. I mean, he put Kushner in charge of Middle East Peace diplomacy:


My fear isn’t that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s that he knows exactly what he’s doing.


Oxymoronic: anointing an Orthodox Jew to advise the prez on Middle East and other issues. Netanyahu wet himself with that anointing. Kushner will make millions building kibbutz in the West Bank…just watch. And Israel will have its very own T-dump tower (of Babel). IMO, ISIS is also itching to counter this love fest with Israel. Putin is also no big fan of Israel (to put it mildly). So much for a “peace process” that will never get off the ground.

T-dump is cobbling together a very dangerous group of self-serving, plebiscite-loathing, greedy corporate marauders and they will be his undoing.


Just another smug, hubristic right wing billionaire who really cares about…


Call or write your senators and tell them that we the people think that this is unacceptable.


Of course he does- he didn’t even show his tax returns and he is not divesting from his business.


What a trip- perhaps they forgot- they work for us- we the people!