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Civil Rights Advocates Warn Supreme Court Order—a Victory for Trump—Will Result in 'Irreversible Damage to 2020 Census'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/13/civil-rights-advocates-warn-supreme-court-order-victory-trump-will-result

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This is exactly what the next 10 years of SCOTUS decisions are going to look like Joe, Nancy, Chuck.
This SCOTUS has drawn a line in the sand. They have, with this ruling, established themselves as THE center of political power in the USA for the foreseeable future. Roberts and his catholic federalist cronies have just sent a shot over Biden’s bow. The message was simple. You will not enact any progressive legislation for the next four years on our watch. As a matter of fact, we will be taking away any and all progressive goals that were achieved since the signing of the Medicare and civil rights acts.
The first shot in the war for America’s future was fired today by the Fascist SCOTUS. Will a Biden administration and the Democratic Party treat them in kind?


Well for about 50% of Americas voting population, this is exactly what they want. Yeah your right, the foreseeable future holds no concessions for democracy, climate, environment, human rights, justice, journalism, peace, education, public health, and economic justice. This is what half the voters want, and the other half are devoted to empowering anyone committed to doing absolutely nothing to stop it. the only thing I can think of without at least a small coalition opposed to this right wing radicalism, is to move somewhere very very remote in another country somewhere and try to disappear.

This is 2020, not 1820.

Use social media, darn it, already!!
There is absolutely no reason, even with covid 19, that we could not count citizens, non citizens, and all the cats and dogs, while we are at it, in about 8 weeks.
Add four more weeks for auditing,

Irreversible Damage. That’s becoming an overused term. I need to be put out of my misery. Somebody have a damn election already.

It’s become quite clear that the far right is playing for keeps at this moment realizing that they are in the minority, and they don’t care. Cheat, lie, steal it’s all fair game to them. When Chomsky called the gop the most dangerous organization in the world he wasn’t joking. These people are all mentally ill to one degree or another.


The Supreme Court appears ready to return this country to a time we haven’t seen for a hundred years.

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I’ll take Door #2 for thirty dollars.

Common dreams is rivaling the NYT in their fear mongering. End of the world if Trump wins. Let’s all vote for the guy running for the senate.

So what Progressive Legislation was or is Biden going to pass?

While true, the seed was planted when Wallace was removed as FDR’s VP and replaced not with a Progressive anti-colonialist who would continue the New Deal as the War ended but with anti-communist Harry Truman who pivoted to Stalin the enemy after Stalin won the war. Wall Street is the enemy and so is corporate America. They know it and they think the ends justify the means, they have no sense of fair play and want what they have. Total power.


hope they don’t forget the lower courts when they deal with the right wing takeover of our judiciary–

It was our own lady DiFi (whose voice sounds quite strong, I thought) demanding an answer from the rabbit woman yesterday, on the question of whether our Constitution permits postponing or cancelling an election for any reason. Amy Coney Barrett (whose voice sounds like an ideal talent for Peanuts cartoons – lookout Kristin Chenoweth!) is “keeping an open mind” on that one, she says.

Some US Americans, like me, already got our filled-in ballots to a drop-box at the first opportunity (CA even has online verification your envelope was received). But it’s looking like the dictator is hell-bent on dispensing with elections entirely, in order to stay out of jail, and the country just might be timid & self-loathing enough to allow a clown like this to walk all over it. We’ll see.

If the presidential election is effectively subverted this time, that’s all she wrote, folks. The Supreme Court is literally nothing but window dressing with fancy pillars anymore. How will we even know who the hell belongs in Congress and the Senate once the ballots are seized? That’s a girdled tree of government, with three dead branches in our near future. Could be, we’ll see.

Probably none. However, assuming that states will take up the mantle of actual progressive legislation, especially if abortion and marriage equality are criminalized, and the ACA and Medicare itself are declared invalid, a Biden administration will have to do something to either limit or eliminate the power of the SCOTUS, because if they don’t, any and all even remotely progressive legislation at the local or state level will be most assuredly be challenged and eviscerated by the all power federal court system.
I suppose we will find out very quickly if a Biden administration is willing to get its nose bloodied in a fight with the judicial branch. And if Biden and the Democratic Party are unwilling to stick their collective noses into that fight, what is the point of election year 2020?

Most folks seem to forget the very premise of the Reagan administration and the libertarian revolution. The conservative goal since then has been pretty clear. Destroy Americans confidence in their government to a point where they will stop trusting the system and thus stop taking part in it. They didn’t necessarily want to stop people from voting. They needed them to think voting didn’t matter, so they’ll just stop doing it of their own accord.
By that measure, conservatives have already won. And if millions more actually vote this time, hoping for actual substantive progressive change, and the democrats don’t give it to them, the Democratic Party will be dead, their coalition will be dead, and the nation will officially be fascist.


One, Two, Three… We do see solid evidence of voters jumping at all chances to vote ASAP, so One looks likely, Two is possible (albeit adorably naive, perhaps, for US Americans), Three skips ahead past the part where the franchise is even honored. That part is more optimistic than anything in my prognosis.

As with most things Trumpian they have turned an ordinary function of our government into a political nightmare. We have been conducting our census for 230 years, with some peculiarities, but nothing compared to now. Again the people lose.

Are you just stupid or genuinely mentally sick? Because there won’t BE a “Biden Administration” if you idiots don’t stop your Democrat bashing and go to the polls and vote for him. And you yourself, BigB, are among the most ignorant of the virulently anti-Democratic Party/Biden commenters on here, who seem to either be blinder than Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder put together, or who are deeply mentally deranged, with your declaration to “never vote for Biden.” As if there was ANY OTHER WAY on this earth to avoid the cataclysmic obliteration of tRump being re-elected. You guys are all snarky and sarcastic now with your tRump-spawned “Sleepy Joe” bullshit straight out of the assholes of the right-wing conservatives who are destroying what’s left of this nation, but all of you will rue the day that you failed to vote for Biden and allowed tRump to remain in power. It won’t be so funny then, when you discover that YOU, and all those who think like you, will be the VERY FIRST in line to be thrown in camps after tRump’s fascist Supreme Court approves his presidency for life and sets up “re-education centers” for all who oppose him and his nazi-like RepubliKKKan regime. And it will be just what you deserve.

Because you can’t have it both ways…


Doing so only manifests the utter depraved madness of your political & social schizophrenia.

It needs to be mentioned that Truman could have demonstrated to the Japanese military the power of the Atom bomb without murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians. Ah, so why did he do it, a warning to the world, to show the soviets and anyone else watching.

What we’re witnessing now is what happened to the Native Americans and African slaves, these imperialists will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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That is the rub!