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Civil Rights at Risk Under Jeff Sessions


Civil Rights at Risk Under Jeff Sessions

Jesse Jackson

Confirmation hearings for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, named by Donald Trump to be attorney general of the United States, will begin on Jan. 10, before Trump is even inaugurated. The rush and insistence on only two days of hearings reflect Republican efforts to cram the nomination through before Americans understand what is at stake.


I have a little trouble having any kind of faith that notifying my Kansas delegation senators will have much of an impact but I do believe we must protest this approval.

Jackson is right when he says the R's are trying to rush his approval through.

We deserve better.

We must resist and this is a moral problem worth championing.


I think we all knew that without a Bernie Presidency, one way or another, things were not going to get better.

That Hil would have continued Obama's policies, and choices would not have made things any better.

Black Lives Matter had to be created under his watch.