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Civil Rights Group Bashes 'Highly Politicized' Trump DOJ Election Monitoring Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/civil-rights-group-bashes-highly-politicized-trump-doj-election-monitoring-plan

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The DOJ has been ‘highly politicized’ – criminally so, IMHO – for nearly four years.   Why stop now??

And BTW, how long has ‘monitoring’ been a synonym for ‘disrupting’, ‘rigging’, ‘skewing’ ‘stealing’ ?


Is it just me, or does the GOP’s harping about State’s Rights ring hollow at least 80% of the time?

Remind a good God Fearing Republican to count the times Jesus himself harps against the hypocrites and hypocrisy. Give `em back some of the Nietzsche-esque kindness. They do deserve it.


Can’t imagine the DNC when in power didn’t do their own politicizing of the DOJ, but even at their worst they’ve never come close to what’s been done while the GOP have the WH.

Remember Edwin Meese III? Releasing that plane full of cocaine confiscated on that airstrip in FL?

How about John Ashcroft? The guy who’d have staff phone ahead to make sure no calico cats were going to be on location? Spent 20k US on covering up the shame of Blind Justice.

Barr’s just taken it to the logical conclusion.


It’s no mystery why Barr’s DOJ isn’t sending federal “watchdogs” to the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi or South Carolina. All four have a Republican Secretary of State whose unspoken job is to suppress the minority vote.


DT has the “AG” in his pocket, and a majority of the Supreme Court on his side.

If only Democrats were even half as successful as Accomplishing their party’s Missions.

Just when you want to give up on it all and look at Kentucky as prime example of the country’s future, along comes a story broken by a “high school” newspaper, The Manual Redeye. ~https://manualredeye.com/90096/news/local/police-training-hitler-presentation/


“Trump DOJ” is an interesting phrase. Did DOJ suspend its investigation of the vehicles assaulting the Biden bus, as Orangeman demanded? I can distinctly remember Orangeman going completely off the rails at one point – I think this was prior to his manic dexamethasone highs – demanding that Bill Barr arrest everyone in sight, including Barack Obama. Apparently, Barr has declined that request, at least so far.

I’ll put it this way: The degree to which DOJ is totally under the dictator’s thumb, versus having latitude to pursue independent investigations (resembling authorities in a democracy) is open to question. I think implications of the phrase “Trump DOJ” are likewise open to question, at this point. We’ll see how much control or ownership the dictator can exert over DOJ, over the next few days.

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Since it has been clear for some time that the Trump DOJ–Just-Us–Division, has not given a rat’s ass about the civil rights of black people and people of color but actively undermining them as has the nation as a whole throughout its history, this plan is nothing more than heeding the call of the white power base fearful of loosing its grip on power.


Hypocrisy my friend, hypocrisy. Apparently not a bad thing from the GOP’s frame of mind. Whatever mind they have.

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And if Biden had money left he could hire some “blue shirts.”
Some Pinkerton types to keep the pick-up truck bullies in check.

They have a mission?

How does three far-right SupCt justices in one term sound?