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Civil Rights Group Condemns Trump Threat to Put Law Enforcement at Polls as a Tactic 'Right From the Jim Crow Playbook'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/civil-rights-group-condemns-trump-threat-put-law-enforcement-polls-tactic-right-jim

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Folks, ( from the Jim Crow playbook) this is just the start and one has to wonder what Trump has up his sleeve for November. Trump is such an egregious racist you have to know he can’t stand the thought of Kamala being a V.P. and will cheat, lie and who knows what to win in November! Trump considers African, Americans second class citizens who should not even have the right to vote. We Progressives know the coming election will be rigged by Trump’s Mafia, we just do not know how Trump and his Republican Party, thugs will rigg it.


I’m just pissed at Trump’s cancelling GOP’s Orgy O’ Death™ manic mouth-breathing mosh-pit of mesmerized morbidity, Cataclysmic Convention O’ COVID Chaos!!! What the HECK are we going to do with all this popcorn, beer and DOPE? I’m guessing all these waddling MAGA churls were busy trying to infect each other, so they could all wave Walmart Bush- masters at us “mud-peplz libruls” & cough up bloody pus?

(just IMAGINE the possibilities, if they weren’t just wussies)


I don’t care as long as left-wing gun toting poll watchers are present as well. Leftists shouldn’t be afraid of marshaling the election to make sure it is fair.
Trump is reinforcing fear among his base. To be expected at this point in the coup.

The whole idea is phony fear mongering and shouldn’t be allowed without proven, documented cases of fraud.


What should trouble the American electorate more then the presence of Trump himself along with his rhetoric, is the number of peoples who support that racism. One would think a society that is making any sort of progress would be moving beyond this where only fringe groups promote the stuff.

That a major Political party can win an election in the USA while implementing what are Jim Crow type laws shows there has been no progress in the USA on this matter for 50 plus years. Racism is still mainstream .

I recently visited some old friends whom I have known for 40 plus years and we were talking about the first time they came through Vancouver and I met them in a pub. As it turned out they unknowingly called me from a gay pub (I had only just moved to Vancouver myself) and we were remembering our reactions then and we felt ill at ease and even disgusted being there. We have all evolved past that. It does not bother me in the slightest now. We were all willing to learn and become aware of our prejudices and how they affected others in our society. That there so many people that just can not get past that racism and prejudice (which is LEARNED behaviour) shows there something wrong within a given society.


Hmm. T.rump, for months now, has been railing against voting by mail. Such ballots do not go to the polling places. They go to the county clerks’ offices. So how does the massive presence of law enforcement at physical polling places address the (non-existent) problem of voting-by-mail fraud?

Just askin’.

(I should add to this that a side note at the end of a recent story in Salon tells us that Karl Rove has been advising T.rump on election strategy, kind of on the QT. I always knew that Rove was a closet fascist. He even kind of looks like Heinrich Himmler.)


The Trump campaign’s internal polling numbers must be tanking. He’s getting desperate.


Leaked email: US Postal Service instructs workers “not to reconnect” sorting machines

USPS tells maintenance managers to ignore any other “direction they are getting from their plant manager”


What needs to happen? The start of direct action in defying the DeJoy and Trump machine.



He’s also getting sicker:


Nevermind, we thought of something.


If someone not-in-uniform asks me for my credentials outside of a polling place, I’ll pepper spray him.


Well this way he impacts mail-in voting as much as he can get away with, and now he seeks to also intimidate those who do go to the polls. As far as what was my option in PA to put my ballot in a drop box at my county courthouse goes – I have to wait and see because Trump sued PA over this.

He is an equal opportunity interferer.

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Three generations ago, black women were not allowed to vote in one Alabama county.
One beautiful Saturday spring day in May, little elderly grandmothers walked from their
church to the county courthouse in protest. There were a couple elderly gentlemen with
them. There were 13 armed kkk types on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. The
deppittees were standing together, like in a huddle. Across the street, a U.S. Army rookie
was atop a large truck with the fastest weapon - pointed right at them.
There were also army sharp shooters on roofs of stores to the east and west streets. Likely
a couple more across from the county courthouse. Seems progressive to me.

So, armed men are actually ok at polling places to protect voters from harassment, denial of
entry into the polling places and safe transit.

The president cannot order sheriffs or police into polling places. The local officials can make
that decision based on any calls the poll workers make for help.

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So now he’s gone from criticizing mail-in voting to criticizing voting at all. And people somewhere support this guy?

this was the type of action that got former Chief Justice(Rehnquist) of SCOTUS his seat on the court-that being intimidating voters at the polls in Arizona–as you can see the voter suppression has been happening for a very long time and in all that time the Democrats have done NOTHING to protect the franchise of US citizens–that is OVER 50 years of ignoring the reality for money(exactly the same as their ignoring of the science around climate change–for the money–get the pattern??) --almost as if they had gone to sleep after passing the VRA–so no M4A-no Green New Deal- no universal student debt relief-no ending of our illegal wars(and the massive war crimes committed in the last 20 years because of the lies–of BOTH parties) and bloated military budget that is strangling our society–a little history–when an empire spends most of it’s money arming the military (and law enforcement that is armed like the military) it is a sure indication that that empire is about to fall

The poll workers are more than capable of maintaining decorum on voting day.
Any more than one uniformed gestapo freak is too many.

Yes, and when an insane criminal gets desperate…WATCH OUT! Trumps buddy,Putin has been alleged at assassinating his political rival.

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bad leaders are impotent without hordes of bad followers and supporters. good book to read on the subject, available for free on the 'net, is THE AUTHORITARIANS by bob altemeyer.

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