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Civil Rights Group Demands Facebook Take Down Content Showing Far-Right Militants Holding Migrants Hostage


Civil Rights Group Demands Facebook Take Down Content Showing Far-Right Militants Holding Migrants Hostage

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Tech giant Facebook must remove videos of right wing militias kidnapping migrants, a civil rights group demanded this week.

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law sent a letter to the company on Wednesday calling for it to remove content --from-- posted by members of the New Mexico-based extremist group the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP) that is in "flagrant" violations of the platform's terms of service.


American doesn’t need another vigilante group to take away immigrant’s human rights.

The Trump Administration already has that job.

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I’m confused PB. Does it mean that we are supposed to accept further misinformation. We already know what has been going on, and we are supposed to support hiding the truth?
We already have Trumpf claiming all of the negatives of border crossers without being censored.
You can’t sensor one without censoring the other. But that is the trend we are on.


Censorship is a tool of oppression, and one necessary for tyranny to flourish.
Believing you can use it to combat right wing extremism is foolish at best.

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Sorry G, I wasn’t commenting on the censorship aspect of the article, only on the right wing nut jobs at the border confronting immigrants illegally.


I was didn’t do a good job of writing here. I was trying to emphasize the blatant hypocrisy in the immigration reporting.
Also, when do we get a militia fighting for peoples rights?
We have militias supporting the oil over water fight with tribes, and border wars, and all supporting government overreach. I thought militias were put in the constitution to do the exact opposite. Another Bizarro World example.


Keep your weapons cleaned and well maintained my friend.

If and when local militias become necessary, and I hope they’re not, we’ll be ready to defend freedom, ourselves, and others.

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I am always of the belief that bad ideas need to be countered by good, positive, ideas. Don’t censor these pages but rather drown them out by continually making points on why these far-right millennials are wrong.


I read your short post three or four times to let it all sink in. MCH, you said what I was poorly attempting to convey in my posts.
I agree with your statement and I hope we all help to get the word out.

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Thank you for your kind words. Though I will admit what I just described isn’t a perfect strategy. Astroturfing is a thing the establishment likes to do, with paying people to repeat a certain talking point online. But overall censorship is not the answer, since the forces of repression will be all too willing to use it on all of us if given an inch.

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My closeted weapons don’t amount to much, but I am thinking that It’s time to do what you suggest. But not only make them ready, but to get some practice handling and using. 40 years of almost no usage means that I should head over to the new indoor shooting range in town.