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Civil Rights Group Says Senate Report on Election Interference Shows Russia 'Taking a Page Out of the US Voter Suppression Playbook'


Civil Rights Group Says Senate Report on Election Interference Shows Russia 'Taking a Page Out of the US Voter Suppression Playbook'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Russia is being accused of "taking a page out of the U.S. voter suppression playbook" on Monday after a Senate Intelligence Committee-commissioned report found that the country's far-reaching campaign to meddle in the 2016 election through social media giants including Facebook and Instagram included efforts to specifically target African-Americans.


For all those people crowing about Russian meddling in our affairs, may I remind you that you live in a country that has invaded and/or bombed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and God knows who else. We are also applying crippling sanctions on the countries of Iran and Venezuela to just name a few.

Now, that’s what I call meddling.


I am convinced that Stein was part of the Russian spoilers. She was in a photo of Flynn and Putin at a dinner table. She actually copied the Sanders campaign rhetoric verbatim. Where is she now?.


Whether the Russian Bogeyman is real or not, it’s irrelevant. Why are Americans so eager to find the béte noir that is responsible for Hillary not ascending to the presidency?

They want a simple headed answer to go along with their simple headed works views I guess. The credulity of our people and the cynicism of what passes for the press in this country has made us all ready marks in a PT Barnum alternate universe.

Look around people. More money was spent on the 2016 presidential election then we ever spent before. The attack ads coming from the Koch brothers (who I remember reading, invested $1 billion dollars) are ignored. And there is the purging of voter rolls in the deep South and in states like Wisconsin are all but ignored. Voter suppression laws in dozen states to keep the “undesirable elements” from ever creating a vote for someone who is not GOP which also are ignored.

Oh, and lord forbid we have to deal with the possibility that we had it coming. That we deserve foreign powers playing in our “democratic” processes because of all the (publicly known) dirty tricks, wars, sabotage and manipulation we have foisted on the world to advance the greed and quest for control over all other nations. After all the attacks on 9/11 were just a less subtle example of “blowback”.

It appears we are not a very bright people after all. We are in a quest to always find the most ridiculous (but palatable) answer to everything it appears.


“This whole story is unbelievably idiotic. Not just because it’s based on a report by a private cybersecurity company that was [founded by an NSA veteran], a company which would have every incentive to bend its findings [Remember Iraq WMD?] in the most sensational way possible to attract clients with a viral new “bombshell” story about Russian election meddling. Not just because it infantilizes voters by implying that a smattering of cutesy memes deprived them of independent agency and caused the failure of Hillary Clinton’s historically awful presidential campaign [which included a nationwide scandal of collusion among various entities to RIG the primaries against Sen. Sanders]. Not just because of the sleazy gaslighting element inherent in a narrative which insinuates that a populace meant to elect a different candidate but got confused. By far the dumbest thing about this story is the implicit suggestion that only Russian propaganda was at play during the 2016 election, and no other propaganda.”

“They tell you their concern is that Russians are trying to manipulate your mind with propaganda, but really their concern is that they want to be the only ones manipulating your mind with propaganda. They tell you Russian propaganda is so dangerous that it’s necessary to censor the [ENTIRE] internet and hide all narratives which aren’t in line with the ruling establishment in order to protect democracy, but really all they want is to have full control of the narratives you consume. This is evidenced in the article by the Washington Post which kicked off this latest round of Russia panic.”


Correlate this response and the latter with the Senate Report:


The absolute hypocrisy of the MSM discussing Russian meddling in our elections. Read “Rogue State” by the late William Blum to see how many countries we have invaded, overthrown or funded puppets who would kowtow to American corporate interests. NO politician can be elected in America UNLESS they bow in obedience to the wishes of Israel. The zionists don’t influence our elections they CONTROL our congress, president and media. The hysteria over Russia is because the Hildebeast lost . Like Dracula she will try to rise from the dead. Find the wooden stake, for America’s sake.