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Civil Rights Groups Denounce Georgia Officials For Closing Early Voting Sites Ahead of Senate Runoffs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/civil-rights-groups-denounce-georgia-officials-closing-early-voting-sites-ahead

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proving once again that the Republicans are a criminal organization posing as a political party


predatory animals posing as human beings.


Tape ballots to rocks and throw them into the election office!


The fixes are very simple to install. The fact that they haven’t been by now tells us that they don’t want it fixed. Otherwise there should be class action lawsuits to disallow voter disenfranchisement. Guaranteeing the ability, place, and safety for voting.

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Since there is precedent in limiting voters of color, it’s time to close predominantly white communities voting places as well.


What amazes me is that the Republican’s are the ones actually doing the voter fraud by gerrymandering, closing polling places in Democratic areas, and taking many registered voters off the registration list. And the worst part is, many Americans believe the Republican deception about who is truly doing the voter fraud.
Double speak is in full bloom by the Republicans ! Please check out the facts rather than just listen to disinformation. Please.


THIS is the real Election Fraud. Indeed, the act is now so egregious that I think we really ought to send in the National Guard, to ensure the polls in GA go as WE plan them to (NOT as the ROTpublicans plan them to go).

Speaking of election fraud, check out this new video from Jimmy Dore on the IOWA primary results. He interviews Jordan Chariton of “Status Coup” on YouTube, who has written an article for The Intercept:
Trouble is, lots of people making comments on this video saying AHA you see!! They cheated in this presidential election too so THAT SHOWS THAT TRUMP WON!!

Here is link to the Intercept article: