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Civil Rights Groups Request Emergency Injuction to Stop Trump 'Sabotage' of 2020 Census

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/05/civil-rights-groups-request-emergency-injuction-stop-trump-sabotage-2020-census

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Trump is already leading Biden with white voters. For several years now, pundits have been telling Americans that white Americans would be a minority (only if you lump all non-whites together) soon and then we elected a black man (actually, half white) which made many white heads explode. Now we see the electoral process being corrupted and manipulated on every level. There is no level to which white Americans, in decisive numbers, will stoop to retain white superiority and control. Every day will show us another way this is being done. The election has been decided.

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Unfortunately, since the signing of the civil rights and voting acts of 1965, it’s basically been white voters against everybody else. While white women have come close to splitting their votes in many elections, it’s white men where you have seen the real Republican base at work since the late 1960’s. All manner of white men, from the board room, to the mailroom, from the office to the mine, have been the most loyal republican voting block ever since LBJs signature was dry on the civil rights act. And it’s not even close, as most presidential elections see a near 75-25 split among white men in support of conservatives. And now White men have the ultimate motivator to get them to the polls, craven fear of losing control of the American body politic.
If they can fuck this census up, they could maintain the white/male/euro status quo for another ten years. And if they can’t, they will take up arms. Many already have.


This is why people need to vote DEMOCRAT------If this census gets screwed up we will be living with minority rule for a long time.

watching the Kaiser Report on RT they are blaming the left for looting and burning of the cities and question why Trump should be blamed—maybe it’s fox “news”.

Can’t help but notice, no where in this story does it mention the outrage that the DNC, the democratic leadership, or the Biden campaign, have stated in public over this attempt to “fix” the census. Oh, that’s right, it’s because there has been no outrage. Just a long uncomfortable silence.
It looks as though the democrats haven’t learned their lesson from 2010. It’s as though they haven’t yet figured out that it’s the census that determines the control over redistricting, and ultimately who controls state houses and the House of Representatives.
But all that would suggest that the democrats are stupid, lazy, or a combo of the two.


You are spot on BigB. Absolutely accurate. White males don’t surprise me, but white women, ignoring Trump’s misogyny and sexual misbehavior and sexism, still vote for him in a majority, that’s an eye opener. I guess that white supremacy outweighs feminist concerns. Shows you that white women touted as a minority (when in fact they are the majority in the US) just like the true minorities is untrue, when you consider that they are also benefiting from white superiority, as are their children and, since they demonstrate their prejudice by marrying white men overwhelmingly, their husbands. They know which side their bread is buttered on.


Anecdotally, I have seen a shift in the political views by poorer White women in my formative years. Poor white women used to be counted on as loyal liberals, voting solely for the well being of their children. Now, there seems to have been a quantum shift in those attitudes. It’s as though they have given up on hoping their children will have better futures, and decided to assign blame instead. Hate has won the day.
I recall telling someone a few years back about the shift I have seen in the attitudes in the African American community since my days in elementary school in the early 1970’s. When I was a kid, black folks, while poorer than whites and living in constant oppression, still seemed to have a positive attitude. During my adult years, I have unfortunately witnessed those attitudes turn. They first became tired and depressed. That has changed to desperation and anger here in the 21st century. I feel that is what has happened to poorer White women as well. They just don’t see a way out anymore.
People have always asked why I believed that things would get better. It’s because I’ve always believed that the good people in America outnumbered the bad. I’m beginning to think that I may be wrong.


The sad thing is, I’m a white suburban guy who has voted Democratic since the first election I was eligible for. I voted against Nixon, and have always voted for Democratic candidates in primaries, local, County elections, and general elections. sometimes people ask why I vote Democratic, and I explain my grandfather was a farmer. During the Depression, he had a team of horses and a box wagon. He was paid $5.00 a day by the WPA. That’s enough reason for me.

End the seemingly endless powers of the Unitary Presidency. The POTUS is not a god or a king. This petty interference in the usual functions of government and administrative actions for questionable partisan ( racial ) gain must be ended. What a series of debacles we’ve witnessed during Trump Time.
Enough is Enough!

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This was the first year I signed up to be a Census person going out in an assigned neighborhoods. I jumped thru all the hoops and was approved. Never heard back from them and then came and pandemic. I was still willing, and I contacted them but never heard back???

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Crazies on the right of us, and lazies on the left of us, “Stuck in the middle with you.”
A good cover by Reina del cid and Josh Turner. NOT the country Josh Turner.
The 3:52 version is fun.

The establishment Dems aren’t stupid—they are willfully ignorant. They’re so snug and smug in their elitist cocoon of cash, they just can’t be bothered with the needs of “little” folk. We need to find caltrops to put on the road they travel, that will make the high horse they ride stumble and fall.

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Great story, and there are many more like it.
Although I have voted third party a few times in the past, it hasn’t made sense to do so the past two elections.

Rather naive of people to think that money won’t have any influence with other parties than the dems and repubs.
There are decent people in all parties, just not enough of them.

Do you really think a NY State, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio or other state wants to give up political clout and $$$ to a bunch of yahoos in Texas or Florida? Politically, it’s like doubling the allowances of Kid Rock and Kanye West.
Me either.

Wonder how long until I join you on that front too. I guess we will see come election and the year after it. I expect either this country will get is head out of its ass and unite against those in charge, we will just be complacent as always while the U.S. devolves into a third world country, or the elites will indeed get what they’ve always wanted, to have one half of the populace kill the other half. I’m not confident the first will occur but hey we live in crazy times.

Welcome to what “blue no matter who” gets you over the course of a lifetime.

Trakar, I am sorry to have lumped you in with the “correct the record” swine Ive been harassed by on many an occasion. I really did see that written fairly recently, and if you really want to see it spelled out, Im sure I can find it. It may even be on my web site. I need to do a systematic search. But just because I do remember seeing it reacently (not for the first time) its probably fairly close to the top of the pile. If you are willing to delve into the (unverified) TISA leaks which have been published, you can probably find much newer and more urent information because I am certain that the US will not be satisfied with the opt in WTO, and instead really wants to lay down the law for countries that sign on to TISA, which is supposed to be a private club that keeps the really low wage countries out. (except the ones that play by our rules)

Please forgive the state of my web site, its very disorganized, but that said there really is a huge amount there. There are three ways to search for things there, also, you’ll see which all will bring back different results.

One of the pointers I gave you was to a piece by Rudolf Adung. He is a WTO (or former WTO, now retiured, I think) who has written a lot about “services of general interest” and the WTO GATS in particular. I would start with him. I think Page 20 of that piece might have something for you.

Its still missing a bit but I think that piece is not far away in time. I have a very good memory for this stuff. In order for this to make sense to people, they have to know a bit about the long history of this deal and some of that is quite involved, with things like the Third World Debt and tax havens/privacy jurisdictions, and corruption and how the world deals with it. (and lets big thieves get away with it if they can pin taxpayers with the bills)

Also, I gave you a link to ICRIER. Thats an Indian think tank, where WTO issues are discussed. (They also have a Center for WTO Studies) Also, look at the tag on my site “WTO history” Also, I would strongly recommend talking to people who know more than me! getting a bunch of different opinions.

But keep in mind, the very well to do (Everybody who knows about the WTO at all is more likely than not to be in this category, even “activists”) here in the US or elsewhere, are often profoundly out of touch with the issues of the poor, and they often are remarkaly blind to the effects of these arbitrary policies on real people.

For example, despite the trade hype, the fact is, the jobs they are trading away wont be replaced and millions of lives will catastrophically fall apart forever, because all that investment in skills will suddenly just be worthless, because the world will change. The practitioners of this trade or that, will within a few years, will be priced out of the market. What will they do? One thing, they wont be compensated, and the job market will be so filled with people like them the older ones will likely just be SOL. And this here in our country is certain to lead to a huge backlash against whomever the other side can pin with the blame most successfully. So this is the reason the Democratic Party really must police itself or this situation will threaten lives. We have to find our shared values as Americans with ALL the rest of us, which is likely easier than we think, and throw the crooks of both parties who would divide and betray us all out. They attack that because its our strength, BTW.

And then we need to patch things up with the rest of the world WITHOUT THESE INTERMEDDLERS interjecting themselves like parasites between us all. the way to do that is to actually BE the America almost everybody else wants us to be, not its doppelganger (evil twin)

I think the thing we have to offer that would work the best is mentoring. We have all these new digital tools, we can and should use them to jump start professional and technological progress. These kinds of ideas are what the neoliberals hate because for them, everything must come at a high price.