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Civil Rights Groups Sue NC City Over Law That 'Effectively Bans Any Protest'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/civil-rights-groups-sue-nc-city-over-law-effectively-bans-any-protest

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“It is appalling that Alamance County officials would trample on the First Amendment rights of their own constituents for the sake of a monument to white supremacy.” *
—Kristi Graunke, ACLU of North Carolina

The problem here is that the entire nation is a monument to while supremacy.

From the former Black Panther and writer, Neil J. Smith:

[T]he American flag is another symbol like the General Lee statue in this case. America is not supporting Black lives, American is busily taking those lives away. A Flag? What’s wrong with these people? I assure you, Americans fly their flag more often than other peoples, and that is because they are insecure in themselves and the land they inhabit. A people who belong need not state it relentlessly. They simply “Are.”


All the civil war monuments erected to it’s generals, are nothing more than monuments to the people who committed treason TO THE U.S… and supported slavery during the civil war…NOTHING ELSE!


This statue was erected in 1914; at the height of the implementation of Jim Crow Laws thru the United States. Like the rest of the 90%+ of confederate statues and monuments erected between the early 1890’s and the early 1920’s, its intent was to make it very clear to ‘the blacks’ that they were inferior and would continue subordinate to white power.

Every f*cking one of these should be crushed into stone chips.


Bullpuckey! They were an adjunct to the implementation of Jim Crow Laws and their intent was to ‘honor’ white supremacy.


Graham is the place Trump should take Putin out to lunch during Putin’s upcoming visit. Putin and all of Trump’s other dictator cronies around thew world should feel right at home in Graham.

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I wouldn’t say it is hot bed of radical thought, but this fledgling act of protest and civil disobedience has spirit. People are really angry at these statues.


Protest marches need armed escorts. Preferably with 20-30- or 40mm cannons that fire rubber cannon balls. The police show of force “against” marchers is wrong and needs to be challenged in a very big way.




Judging from your comment, I’m guessing you believe voting for dems provides you with democracy, how’s that working for you? Also if you look at and read Tammy Grubb’s tweet in the story, there are plenty of white BLM protestors and support for protestors in Alamance Co., NC. We are seeing this all over the south. MS. residents demanded and got the removal of the state flag, the last state flag with the confederate battle flag within it, Mobile AL., residents want the I-10 tunnel renamed with out Wallace’s name attached to it. It might not seem like it to the rest of the country, but this is progress.
Writing parts of the country off as unchangeable will produce no change.


when you cast your ballot this year please remember that it is BOTH of our political parties who are working overtime to deny us democracy-freedom of expression–our basic Constitutional rights–then consider starting to vote for a third party–one that actually represents the needs our of people–the needs denied for decades so the capitalist could become ultra wealthy from the actions of their pawns --the duopoly that has been lying to us for those same decades -lying about the money–about the wars- about the climate-about criminal justice-even our basic franchise–the right to vote has been compromised by both of our parties as recent as this last primary season—on almost every subject it is all lies lies lies and more lies----continuing to support them only increases our demise


Hi raydecamino:
Hmmm “…Other dictator cronies…”
Are Bush and Cheney invited to lunch too? I consider people who start wars with no rea! quest , except for oi!, to be dictator cronies too. Although Trump has added a rea!!y deep !ayer of many in the," Just Us," Department too. : )

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Why is it that small town and rural people are even more stupid and more authoritarian than the run of the mill stupid Americans?

Assuming you are not being facetious, do you have any thoughts on this?

I was raised in a “beautiful”, “upper crust” town. White, rich people . . big estates . . a town where the people in nearby lower middle class towns aspired to live.

If only they could “make it” big someday, then move to this town, join the (white, wasp) country club and have it all!

My guess is there were quite a few high “IQ’s” (for what that is worth). The people in this town read the classics and the f—ng Wall Street journal . . . acting so smart, so above others . . convincing the world they ARE smart for after all, look at all they “own”!

My parents started their life together in a tiny home in the freshly created (and red lined) suburbia. My dad “made it big” by climbing the corporate ladder helped along by his good looks, charm, charisma and narcissism with his beautiful wife at his side doing all she could do to enhance his exterior appearance. After he moved up the corporate ladder they moved to this wealthy suburb I speak of.

The kids in this town were groomed (with teaching, connections and $$$$) to go to Ivy League schools (or the second runner up to ILS’s). The town was solidly republican. This was when republican presented in a seemingly “nice” way.

Now, of course, this town is appalled by the brashness/vulgarity of trump----the voters there will probably go the way of biden (who is like the republicans of the good old days).

I’ve also lived in middle to lower class suburbia where people voted democrat but many were (ignorantly?) destroying the earth along the way. Sprayed their lawns with chemicals, did not really understand who they were voting for when they voted democrat. Bought Priuses, recycled, listened to NPR (now watch Rachel Maddow)---- all the while thinking they are helping the earth and all its inhabitants. Many there still think Obama was wonderful and Hillary would have saved us.

I live in a small rural town now. Quite a few trump supporters here. It’s about 50/50 democrat/republican. There is enough ignorance to go around on all sides from what I have gleaned. I share in that as well for I am still learning and trying not to be stupid with the choices I make that hurt life forms on earth.

I’m going to break down the definition of stupid:

  1. “Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes”.
    Clearly the wealthy people are not stupid with decisions as they have carefully created (with their decisions/choices) lives where they are more protected (exhibit A. covid, climate chaos etc.) But does that make them smart?

They are making MAJOR careless (fatal, ecocidal) mistakes:


  1. “Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless”

The embodiment of this definition of “stupid” is the wealthy as outlined in the book I linked above.

Stupid (being foolish, careless) is everywhere as evidenced by the dying spheres of life (biosphere etc.). Where/how does this stupidity (foolish, careless) wield more power?

For me, that is the question!

See Ship of Fools music video by World Party!

And the other burning and mind boggling question for me is the empathy/compassion question-----i.e. why do some people have it and some people don’t and never will?

The worse offenders (imo) are those who feign empathy and compassion in their attempts to gain power over others including the nonhuman world.

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If there is going to be a ban, let’s make sure it is a ban on banning protests. Bring your hard hats and gas masks for this one.

Here is a good article taken from history:

A Southern Vanguard, The Lost History of Communism Below the Mason-Dixon Line


White Supremacy absurd notion is tied to the other absurd notion–capitalism.

Thank you Caroline. I was not being facetious. I think that we are a clever, but ultimately, stupid, species, in that we are unwilling to try to figure out the likely consequences of our actions – for ourselves and others. Most people do not have a broad understanding of self-interest; they can’t wrap their heads around the idea that you can’t realize your individuality in a society that is falling apart, or that the decisions we take today in our immediate self-interest as we see it might come back to bite us tomorrow.

Perhaps it is the flaw of people with empathy that we care about all sorts of things that do not bother most humans. Most people are able to be completely oblivious to injustice and remain untroubled. Perhaps we should own the “defect” that we are “too sensitive” and just let things take their course??

I did not think so but wanted to make sure before I went off on my “ramble” as Aleph Null has pointed out in a kind way (lol).

Yes, to the “letting things take course”! Compassionate detachment.

I am just beginning (at a late stage in life) to fully embrace my “being too sensitive”. I do not look at it as a curse anymore as I was told it was from a young child.

Trying not to take things personally is the defect for me. Working on that too. And incorporating into the psyche the (daily, weekly) boat loads of grief inducing news.

This reminds me of my recently passed on mother. Her political children always spoke of our leadership deficit and governmental turmoils. Ultimately she would say something like, I’m not watching that stuff on TV, I’m just going to live and enjoy what there is to enjoy.
The rest of you can do the worrying.
At 88 nearly all of her friends and relatives have passed on. A dilemma that happens when like my dad and mother-in-law, were the youngest of a half dozen siblings.