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Civil Rights Groups Vow to Fight Back as GOP Builds Massive Voter Suppression Machine for 2020 Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/civil-rights-groups-vow-fight-back-gop-builds-massive-voter-suppression-machine-2020

So how long has this been going on, Voter suppression? AND NOTHING GETS DONE, DEMS DON’T GET THINGS DONE. We just get more of the same. Trickle down doesn’t work and we keep getting more of the same.

Years Now dems don’t know how to fight to frame a argument that sticks, I know there democrat millionaires/billionaires why don’t they start a fox news? we all know the answer to that, they like status quo.


[quote=“jujudahl, post:2, topic:78008”]
I know there democrat millionaires/billionaires why don’t they start a fox news?

They have MSNBC and CNN.What more do they need?


Here’s a good video on the resistance.


The r-party undoubtedly and overtly pursues voter suppression – because they want to win.

The d-party pursues voter suppression by nominating unexciting candidates – because they couldn’t care less about winning.


This is, IMO the biggest reason for packing the courts with “federalist” judges, by the gop at all costs. They know the far right will win every court challenge aimed at stopping this voter disenfranchisement, with these judges, and maintain their grip of power, regardless of the intent of the voting public. It’s immoral, undemocratic, and should be illegal in any form of a so-called democratic government. Any judge, in any court, that upholds this sham, should be determined illegitimate, and be removed from the bench for life.

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We have armed protesters for the right to go shopping, drinking and dining, why not for ensuring voting/voter rights?


I hardly call nbc msnbc or cnn real news organization. I don’t have all those cable so called news shows but I do here some of things said there. Do any of them get down on fossil fuels? talk seriously about climate change, talk seriously about economy? if they don’t say the stock market is not an indicator of the ec onomy then they are not reporting the news just like abc, cbs, nbc. I learn more here on Common Dreams, more real news.
People who only watch lamestreet media and CNN don’t know much of what is really going on

True and people like some of my relatives who only watch Foxy News 24/7 have been thoughley and completely brainwashed!

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the sad fact–the civil rights groups in this country let themselves be co-opted by the Democrats decades ago–and while the Dems have done almost NOTHING to protect the franchise of Americans since the passing of the VRA-have repeatedly failed to address the concerns of the civil rights community, and worked hard for their masters to produce an economy that leaves MOST Americans(especially minorities)living on the edge of survival–and now with the crisis have bailed out their corporate owners–AGAIN–while letting the people suffer --needlessly–from their complete inability to protect the people–if the civil rights community wants to be something besides the pawns of the Democrats during election cycles they need to cut themselves off from the Dems–who haven’t represented their issues since 1965

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I guess we all have friends and relatives like that. It is getting harder and harder to keep my kool but that is what we should do. I hear it is more disarming???

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