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Civilian Victims in Yemen Will be Ignored Because U.S. and its Allies Are Responsible


Civilian Victims in Yemen Will be Ignored Because U.S. and its Allies Are Responsible

Glenn Greenwald

In Fayoush, Yemen on Monday morning, just outside of Aden, “a massive airstrike” hit a marketplace and killed at least 45 civilians, wounding another 50. Officials told the AP that “bodies were strewn about following the strike.” The bombing was carried out by what is typically referred to as a “Saudi-led coalition”; it is rarely mentioned in Western media reports that the U.S.


Yes, the edutainment industry of the only exceptional country plays the balance between Orwell and Huxley with great alacrity. Bread and circuses can feed empires, but not civilizations.


Civilian victims never matter… unless they’re 'Murikan. Then they are the only things that matter.


Notice the “national news” has become an endless stream of floods, tornados, car wrecks and plane crashes. Back when the news was about something important, we called that the local news and the national news had stories about war, foreign policy and govt. corruption. Not anymore. Liars and cheats!


Setting up an “either-or” equation between the uptick in phenomena that depict the FACT that nature is out of balance due to so much global warming/fossil fuel use added to deforestation, pollution, and the war on the natural world AND war of the more conventional sort strikes me as some kind of Frank Luntz talking point designed to make light of climate chaos.

BOTH stories are important and both are connected since it’s the armed and dangerous martial mindset of militarism in service to corporations (as well as Empire) that is destroying persons, places, and things with spellbinding speed and an equally glaring lack of honesty, transparency, or the faintest form of conscience.


You miss the absolute irony of plantman’s post. While the MSM spew out stories about floods and tornadoes it is done purely for sensationalism. We are left to draw our own conclusions about the reasons for these events, being entirely uninformed about global warming by the MSM. It is only because we choose to inform ourselves independently of the MSM that we have any notion of the root causes of climate events. Thus, the “endless stream of floods, tornados, car wrecks and plane crashes” serves to keep the eyes of Americans off the ball, including the root causes of those floods and tornadoes in addition to the worldwide suffering that is the direct result of American imperialism. Both stories ARE connected, and connected to the bloody mindset of our imperial corporate leaders, and plantman is acting not to distract, but to inform and properly rant.


Most people don’t read much. They get all of their information from television. TV news is an entertainment program,that is equivalent to a game show. They tell you about the latest tragedies, disasters, celebratory gossip, silly tidbits about the politicians, important peoples opinions on everything, and in-between the little stories we get those fast talking smiling faces that never say a damn thing. Television News has everything except News. When they do show something that is news worthy it is ofter slanted or it is an outright lie. What we need is a modern day version of what was once called Radio Free Europe. Satellite broadcasts beamed in to the American People, to tell us what is going on in the world.


The sociopaths are in charge. But there are always third, fourth and fifth alternatives, contrary to what they would like us to believe.


Like RT for example?