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Civilians Paid A Very High Price for Raqqa’s Devastating “Liberation” by US-led Forces


Civilians Paid A Very High Price for Raqqa’s Devastating “Liberation” by US-led Forces

Donatella Rovera, Benjamin Walsby

Driving around in Raqqa, it was easy to believe what a senior US military official said – that more artillery shells were launched into the Syrian city than anywhere else since the Vietnam war.

There was destruction to be seen on virtually every street, in the heaps of rubble, bombed-out buildings and twisted metal carcasses of cars. There were also constant reminders of devastated civilian lives, in the broken possessions, scraps of clothing and grubby children’s toys scattered amongst the ruins.


Un-freakin’ believable. The US (et al, to a lesser degree) is responsible not for just the massive loss of lives, homes, and livelihoods of these people but for the loss of archaeological sites across the region and countless Islamic and other cultural antiquities that have been destroyed, looted or lost to future generations. There are no words … and yet it continues.

… US forces, which boasted about firing 30,000 artillery rounds during the campaign, were also responsible for more than 90% of the air strikes.

The Coalition repeatedly used explosive weapons with wide-area effects in populated areas where they knew civilians were trapped. There is strong prima facie evidence that Coalition air and artillery strikes killed and injured thousands of civilians, including in disproportionate or indiscriminate attacks that violated international humanitarian law and are potential war crimes.

This continues because there is always a buck to make off of war-making.


It is interesting, reading this, to recall that ISIS was and probably still is US-funded and funded by the various Middle Eastern countries that donated to the Clinton campaign.

And so we see an explanation of sorts for this business of US and allied troops of various sorts firing on each other in Syria. By proxying both sides to other nationalities and classes, by active disinformation about events and motives, they have their destruction, and they retain in some measure the grudging, backwards faith of their domestic populations to continue the sacrifice.

With some little hitch, some payment or some pointed conversation, the parties and the public politics are set aside.

And of course the big, large-scale killing is done by US forces, by the specialists. And of course the more publicized killing is done by the politically more expendable forces.


I remember, when Iraq was attacked and conquered ("Mission Accomplished!), we the conquerors did not defend any hospitals, museums, libraries, but we put a ring of steel around the Oil Ministry’s buildings.
*We also bulldozed a site that had been protected from every war, which was the still being excavated remains of ancient Babylon. Archeologists and Historians plead for the site to be left alone, but it was bulldozed to make a tank and heavy weapons storage area. “Sic transit Gloria Mundi,” but the tanks and guns are safe.
*The libraries and museums are gone, the hospitals are rubble, the water supply is gone, the sewage system is gone, electricity is still scarce, and people are afraid to walk in the streets or forage for food lest they be shot. Their children cannot play outside lest they be shot or imprisoned.
*And that is just one of the countries we have brought “security and freedom” to.
*But by God, the armament industries and merchants are supplying both sides of every conflict and the bloodstained cash is rolling in. Isn’t America great?
*Not if there is any justice in the world.


The martyrs of Raqqa join a list of 20 MILLION other human beings who have been slaughtered by the U.S. military since the end of WW2. Their names are on the Wall of Guilt borne by this exceptional nation.



I will never understand how you can present compelling evidence of wilful war crimes, and then label them “mistakes”

But I don’t work at a human rights NGO.


No surprise here. Study the game plan closely, and notice that the conflict remains active so long as the battle damage is too little.Once the wrecking ball has done enough, then it moves on to the next target, ad infinitum. The Jews in Palestine have long planned to make all the Middle East neighbours dysfunctional States so as to make them incapable of objecting or retaliating; Look up their long established plan to create “Greater Israel”.


Very sadly it seems that both America and Israel want to wipe HISTORY off the map, and off of the planet.

I read once that one of the Koch bros was in a plane crash and lived–and therefore believed that God had a plan for him-----Mr. Koch, seems much like America and Israel-------maybe these nations and Mr. Koch think they were both speaking, to God ---------but ------it’s actually that other guy!