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Claiming a ‘National Emergency’ to Justify Building a $5-Billion Wall


Claiming a ‘National Emergency’ to Justify Building a $5-Billion Wall

Dave Lindorff

Liberals have been calling for the new Democratic House to file articles of impeachment against Donald Trump ever since winning the House in the Nov. 8 election in 2016, but there has been this obstacle: Nobody believes that Republicans who control the Senate will allow a House impeachment to move to a trial in the Upper House of Congress, much less contribute the needed two-thirds of the vote to convict and remove him from office.


I’m ready for tonight’s speeches. I have a string of garlic and a bag of popcorn and a remote channel changer.


I think Trump knows this, but like all false flags, Cui Bono?


And do not forget the mute button.


Cui bono, indeed. It’s a pretty loud distraction. What, or who(m) is he trying to distract the voters from, aside from the Russian (alleged) collusion?


The article gives way to much credit to the GOP’s ability to answer to the call of reason and the welfare of the country over party loyalty.


Just how much of Trump’s wall will be built with that 5 billion? The actual costs will
probably be anywhere from 50 to 100 billion. When you add in the costs of repairing
the wall and replacing the sections stolen it will be a black hole that will never stop
sucking up the taxpayers’ money. Just say no to Trump’s Folly.


Between now and the 2020 election? Probably none. The government is already sitting on dedicated “border security” funding that it hasn’t even tapped.

This is about Chump having allowed himself to be maneuvered into a corner while convincing his “base” that he’s got congress surrounded.


Trump will not drop his wall obsession until drug addled Rush Limbaugh and other FOX (faux noise) operatives allow him to.

The “national emergency” idea originated with the GOP and was made public by a straw reporter they planted in the Press Room. It s not Trump’s idea despite widespread attempts by the fake news cartel to convince us it is.

The GOP wants Trump to test it out in 2019 to determine if the GOP should contrive a “national emergency” in 2020 so they can suspend the POTUS election and solidify their coup.


Probably the fact that he is a con man and a pathological liar.


It isn’t a folly- he has a multibillionaire investor.


Don’t fund the police state(Homeland Security dept.) Its really ok.

Democrats need to repeat some things on a regular basis. You want to get under the skin of Trump point out that a majority of Americans voted against the wall in 2016.

Run ads showing republicans saying its “only 5 billion”----most normal people find this appalling—I will be giving about 2 grand in Fed taxes this year(not to mention all the other taxes) that money will disappear in a mil a second----that money could make a big difference in my life------and these republicans say its “only 5 billion”.

Democrats also need to make clear that they are not going to negotiate until the gov is open—You don’t negotiate with a hostage taker.


Correction requested: $5B down payment toward a $40B wall.


I’m inclined to agree. It’s his biggest applause line with the yahoo rabble he thrives on. If he were to actually start building it he wouldn’t have that line to use anymore. He’d miss the cheering of the “red hats” in the crowd.

Dave LIndorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net