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Claiming Early 18-Point Lead, Leftist Mexican Presidential Candidate Rips Trump's "Contemptuous Attitude"

Claiming Early 18-Point Lead, Leftist Mexican Presidential Candidate Rips Trump's "Contemptuous Attitude"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Donald Trump continues to take jabs at Mexico, a new poll shows the left-leaning presidential front-runner for the country's upcoming election—who just denounced the U.S. president's foreign policy and "contemptuous attitude toward Mexicans" —with an 18-point lead.

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the following interview after Spanish intro is in English; at UANM

VIva Obrador. He’s been working in this direction for a long time; it’s good to see him finally getting some national traction.

Perhaps we can see a reduction of the recent CIA-narcotraficante violence that has received so much support from US shadow government in recent decades. Perhaps we can see a reduction of the inequality of incomes that drives that.


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (MORENA) party and Juntos Haremos Historia coalition gives a speech during the public meeting at the Children Heroes Plaza on February 11, 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Obrador “holds 38% of the vote” – and has an 18 point lead. Date of Election July 1st.

“We are going to be very respectful toward the United States government, but we are also going to demand that (the U.S.) respect Mexicans.”
“Neither Mexico nor its people will be the piñata of any foreign government,” he said.

“Lopez Obrador is breaking his ceiling … he’s growing in a way that wasn’t expected,” said Parametría founder Francisco Abundis.

"Those who defend the current economic model talk about modernity, but they don’t mention that this ‘modernity’ is a synonym for the economy of the elite, one that benefits only a minority and excludes the majority," he added. "They tend to put up the supposed benefits of NAFTA as an example, but the few benefits have come at an extremely high cost."

"Social problems and security issues are not solved by walls and force. Those problems are solved by economic development."

I’m just guessing that this guy is already on the CIA hit list.

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Maybe he will institute Environmental Justice in his platform. Time is running out for a lot of endangered species.


History says the United States will violently and covertly crush the Mexican people’s leftward ambitions. That is why Trump wants to put the US military on our Southern border: To prevent a flood of refugees.

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Wouldn’t it be a fun twist of irony is the Mexicans are successful in their leftward ambitions which causes a lot of Mexicans immigrants to want to go back to Mexico which in turn causes rump to want to build the wall to keep the immigrants in the US in order to avoid losing all that cheap labor?

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This would be great! Unfortunately a lot of Americans would quickly learn that a wall meant to keep people out can also keep people in.

It was never really a drug war tobbegin with. It was always a counterinsurgency. I hope it fails!