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Claiming Power, Creating the Future


Claiming Power, Creating the Future

Robert C. Koehler

“Since the people are sovereign under our Constitution . . .”

Ralph Nader writes in a recent essay that we should demand acknowledgement of this fact from our presidential candidates and ask what they will do to restore this sovereignty to the American people, in their various manifestations as voters, taxpayers, workers and consumers.


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How can there be participatory democracy without voter initiatives and referendums?

  • the courage of love!*

i bet most of us who read and participate in these news and opinion forums struggle almost daily against frustration and bouts of depression. i know i do. we want to remain aware of what's happening and yet we feel overwhelmed with all the xenophobia, fear mongering and war rhetoric bombarding the air waves.

i think you've come up with a terrific idea, bob. let's focus our collective mind on acts of true LOVE and understanding. 'tis the season when people speak openly of LOVE and PEACE. let this not be mere lip service, but the goal we can attain. if we believe in PEACE we can make it happen!


Over the last couple of months Mr. Koehler's writings have had a clarity absent in the observations of many other editorialists. Is it possible a tide is turning in some waters? The references he cites are also speaking clearly and unequivocally, as are some surprising others with the public's ear. Ralph has always been clear-sighted but I didn't think I'd ever hear Jeffry Sachs say anything like his most recent.