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Claims That ICE Agents Were 'Just Following Orders' Won't Save Them From Liability for Children's Suffering, Legal Scholars Warn


The best defense at Nuremberg was if a Nazi had knowledge of technology or other skills needed by the U.S. For some reason that person was not brought up but sent to the U.S. where they would contribute to whatever the U.S. government wanted. Operation Paperclip.


Thanks for you’re response.


Yes, and with the SC about to be captured for the next couple of generations, we haven’t hit bottom yet.


Yes I understand, but one can hope, especially since this involved defenseless children.


Oh hell! People who followed orders to torture people were not held accountable for doing it so I doubt that ICE agents would ever be either.

There are two sets of laws in this country and two justice systems. It’s past time for people to realize that.


And 800 private companies that have permission to spy on us. The war on terror sure eliminated a lot of people’s rights.