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Clamoring for Mic at Black Lives Matter Event, Rep. Eliot Engel Admits "If I Didn't Have a Primary I Wouldn't Care"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/clamoring-mic-black-lives-matter-event-rep-eliot-engel-admits-if-i-didnt-have


Well, this is the Democratic Party. Most of the voters in that shitty party probably won’t care, and the older voters that dominate primaries get their news from sources that won’t likely tell them he said this anyway. That horrible party can make a cynic out of anyone.


Eliot Engel’s job for the American people was to get trump’s tax returns.
He failed. Time for new blood.


Watch the “Democrats” still claim on June 24th that Engel (somehow) won the primary - OR that they don’t have to respect the results, since they’re a private organization.

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He’s a career politician. What do you expect? Like every other career politician, he views this as a sinecure and a means to to money and power.

Government does not exist for the benefit of the governed.


Get rid of him! CLEARLY he’s only there for the money at this point. How can he represent a Borough in a city, in a state he DOESN’T EVEN LIVE IN??? By the way, I’m a Democrat. Get rid of the crappy, ineffective Democrats, too. KEEP the good ones like Katie Porter and ALL the freshman Dem women. Swalwell, Whitehouse, Kaine, AOC, - there are MANY good ones. VOTE FOR DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE WOMEN!


A cogent and concise definition of Democratic “leadership”

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“With God on our side.” Just exactly what Dylan was writing about. As trump tries a flanking move by holding up a bible like an old west snake oil salesman.
There ain’t no place low enough for this deranged person.

It must really piss trump off that some of these protest gatherings are as big or bigger than his inaugural crowd.


All the incumbents must go.

I haven’t read many of the many books on race relations. But I did read “To Kill a Mockingbird.” That’s all it took for this northern state young person to understand. What does it take for others, that’s what we need to find out.

Good one

His job for Israel (his actual constituency) was to keep the US war machine pointed at anyone who dared confront the reality of Zionist apartheid, land grabs, and open air concentration camps.

This is your Democratic party. Tool of the oligarchs.


You’re not going to paint all democrats as bad eggs are you? Well I reject that. I have a very dependable progressive democrat for a senator and she has done nothing but good as far as I know. I also have a good progressive congressman. So, I wish people would see the differences and respect them.
The coward republicans that gave trump a pass on impeachment are the villains here.

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Term limits for all government offices - Congresscritters and judges as well

Reject all you want. Democrats are the OTHER “Blue wall”. You know, exactly like the so called “good cops” who stand by the killer cops and never report, never speak out, and ensure their acquittal – every time. I’d call them the party of cowardice, but that would be ignoring outright malfeasance inherent in their repeated betrayal of the people.


Sounds like you’re a tRump supporter who’s doing some deflecting here…right down to the “news source” as in Fox. But of course, tRump supporters only care about his racist/bigoted agenda.

Alas, we must be protected from our own stupidity - I concur.

Man, that tRump gag is so clever, the orange one himself might have thought that one up. It’s time to stop demonizing our fellow losers who support a different set of corporate servants than the lot we do. We’re all getting screwed by the same set of policies, forwarded in the interests of the same few beneficiaries who bribe our government so blatantly. Your party didn’t vote against any of the bad legislation this term either, so you’ve got nothing to be proud of yourself.

We need to join the Trump supporters to recognize the real enemy, and to jointly oppose the two parties that are rolling over our freedoms, now that they’ve already effectively ended democratic choice of government policy.

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You’re an idiot. JoanRobinson/Kaylie 2020

Well said.

The pay and the perks are just too good. We need people who are in it for the love of making things better for their constituents, not because it’s a great gig for pigs at the trough.