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Clancy Sigal Has... 'Gone Away' (1926-2017)


Clancy Sigal Has... 'Gone Away' (1926-2017)

Peter Dreier

Writer Clancy Sigal died last night (Monday) at 91.


Mr. Drier

Thank you for this.
Another author on the must read.


Thanks to Mr. Dreier. Had only seen Mr. Sigal’s name, and now will seek his books.
Condolences, sir, on the loss of your friend.


I too am interested in the American left, the real left not the fake left as portrayed these days. I’ look to add his name for future reading projects. Too many good books, not enough time to read even a fraction of them. Thanx for the article and sorry for the loss of an American treasure.


Thank you, Prof. Dreier, for this tribute to Clancy Sigal. I intend to go to my local used-book store and look for “Going Away”. I shall try to read some of his other works as well.


Thank you so much for this Peter. I too am a dedicated follower of Clancy and I will be missing him. I too am a Going Away lover and have bought and given away copies for years. I think you may have the corner on copies as I gave my last one away. I would love to know if we should not do something else to keep his writings out there. Thank you again -rick rice