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Clarifying Energy Agenda, Clinton in Appalachia Declares: 'Long Live Coal'


Clarifying Energy Agenda, Clinton in Appalachia Declares: 'Long Live Coal'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Campaigning in Appalachia on Monday, Hillary Clinton claimed she "misspoke" when previously declaring her opposition to coal, telling voters that as president she would work to ensure that the dirtiest of the fossil fuels will "continue to be sold and continue to be mined."


Can Clinton's shameless pandering be any more obvious?

Can anyone in "Coal Country" not see her duplicity?


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Mrs. Pander Bear, wife of Mr. Pander Bear.

Tell everyone what you think they want to hear and make off with the resultant money and power. Very simple and effective formula for rising in American politics, for sure, though you really have to be a principle-free sociopath to live in such a fraudulent way and feel okay about it.


Harlot Hillary--still servicing Mr. Peabody's (bankrupt) coal train.


Clinton's comments need to go into a Bernie ad asap.


Sometimes I wonder just who would be worse - Hillary or Trump. Hillary is starting to sound a bit insane and divorced from reality and seemingly so contemptuous of the voters that she can say one thing quite plainly and then as necessary simply claim that she misspoke. How can you then trust anything that such a psychopathic liar says? She is displaying the classics signs of a psychopath. A consummate inveterate liar, she has no intention of keeping any of her promises. That is just so utterly corrupt.

I wonder who really would be worse? Just because Hillary promised to be better on certain issues than is Trump now seems increasingly untrustworthy. Maybe she would even build a wall? The fact she opposed it once means nothing. More likely she would expand fracking and approve trade deals and pipelines. Of course she obviously has no intention of keeping fossil fuels in the ground. She is flaunting her arrogance now. Mocking democracy because she has run a good con, she is actually gloating over conning people.

Hillary may plunge our country into serious trouble... She may not really be sane any longer. She is becoming scarier than she ever was before.


Coal mining as a job is on the way out. There a fraction of people in App. employed in the coal industry as there were 20-30 years ago. Even if there was such a thing as clean coal - a myth - technology has taken over. And the environmental destruction woul still continue.

The people of Appalacia know it. So instead of hanging on to a dirty fuel like Clinton does, the efforts should be put into offering alternative options for livelihoods to the people.


Now that she (falsely) thinks she's got the nomination in the bag she's already starting to "clarify" her positions. Gee, what a surprise.

Nope. She ain't gonna get my vote under ANY circumstance because, just for starters, why would I vote for ANY candidate who advocates continuing to mine fossil fuels and thus burn the planet up, or continuing to build more nukes and thus radiate life on the planet out of existence, or continuing to frack all over the place, creating widespread contamination of earth and water? Poison is poison. Evil is evil. There is no "lesser of two evils" that matters one whit when both choices will kill us!


There's no doubt in my mind that they'd be in a virtual tie with the edge to HRC for her actual mass murdering acts which, wait for it, trump merely talking about it.


People who feel as you do should send a letter or an email to the DNC telling them that you will not vote for Hillary if they try to rig the game so that she is nominated. The more people that do that then the more it will cause consternation among the convention superdelegates. They need to realize that Hillary is so unpopular with independent and half the democrats that she just may lie to Trump and give the country to the republicans wholesale. Tell them ho you feel.


When it comes to climate change it is ...

Trump denied and Hillary lied.

We get fried either way.


Yes, I am sitting in the heart of coal country as I type this and the only duplicity that anyone around here in WV sees is Clinton's duplicity in the "global warming hoax" as part of leading the "war on coal". The only pandering they see in the "socialist" Clinton is to the "environmental extremists".

No, this is not hyperbole.


Hillary Clinton is a human wind-sock - she will say or do anything to pull the wool over the eyes of the people and continue her service to business as usual - for the 1% and profits over people and environment!
This is a political creature that cannot be trusted to follow thru on ANY pledge or commitment other than her servitude to baker/Wall Street/corporate and military interests! She believes in NOTHING but political manipulation and the interests of the 1%!
Anyone that believes her lies and deceit is a fool and part of the very big problem that is our duopoly mechanism to maintain the rule by vulture capitalism!


Hillary is as most know on these threads, nothing but a MIC and Wall Street stooge for big business like the coal and fossil fuel business. But Trump will bury her in the debates, because she has a plethora of corrupt baggage for him to exploit. That is why Bernie must be nominated for POTUS because there is no doubt in my mind, Bernie would bury Trump in the debates even though Bernie is vulnerable on his foreign policies. If I have to vote for HRC or Trump, both fascists, Jill Stein will get my support.


The MO of the Clinton crime family has been to support corporate/banker exploitation and usury, as you are aware Cookies. Clinton pushed for continued exploitation (and profits) in her servitude to big oil & gas & coal - she will do nothing to save Mother Earth from the destruction of humankind!
If Sanders can only bring himself to attack the FULL destructive record of this creature and screw the Dem establishment (as they are screwing him and millions) he can perhaps prevail in this existential struggle - even tho not a perfect candidate as some would wish, he is the breath of fresh air so many have waited so long for - to build a strong coalition to effect some real change - a beginning, not an end!


The reality is the people of Appalachia will get thrown under the bus like always this is a pure political deception by Clinton & Co!
The people of coal country need help to move beyond "King Coal" but politicians and vulture capitalists, (like the criminal mine "owners") will never do that - will never give the people a leg-up, or build an alternative to coal, only exploit them to extermination, pollute their lands and future, and work them to death.......and that goes for both "parties"!


No doubt, but still to my question: How can anyone look at Clinton's multiple blatantly contradictory statements and not see pandering and duplicity? No matter which statements one agrees with?

i know, human consciousness is capable of amazing self-tricks...


Has Hillary ever had a solution to a problem, which actually solves it?

As of 2015, nation-wide almost 70,000 people are employed in coal mining. Of those less than half are actually working in or around the mines. Those jobs require skills in math, science, tech, engineering, and upper management, so those workers are not too likely to be displaced for long, especially in an emerging green energy sector. What to do for the other 33,00 people shouldn’t be that difficult a task.

Close down the mines and keep paying their wages (no matter their age). It is certainly a whole lot less expensive option than cleaning up after another major storm like Katrina, and another one, and another one, ad infinitum.


Well, the silver lining is that she's going to have a hard time walking this back when she gets to CA and OR. And they represent a lot more votes than WV.