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'Clarion Call to All Progressive Environmentalists': To Defeat Trump's Planetary Destruction, Climate Heavyweights Endorse Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/clarion-call-all-progressive-environmentalists-defeat-trumps-planetary-destruction


Trump is a sworn enemy of Mother Earth.
He’s an earth rapist, similar to how he treats women.
His destruction of the EPA, public lands, ESA, NEPA, Water Quality Act, and his anti-science denialism make him enemy number one for our planet.
Purge this POS from office.


We must FIRST put out the Fire
Before we can Re-Green

Take out the trump trash
We ALL need to HELP


And the band played on…
This is exactly what the democrats were praying for. That Trump would be such an unmitigated disaster that they could win in 2020 without having to make any promises of bold or substantial change, especially regarding climate change.
Get ready for it kiddies, 2021 is goin to look a lot like 2009. Everyone will breath a sigh of relief, pass a feel good but inconsequential piece of legislation (like the ACA) and then sit back and do the bare minimum.


What the Democrats were praying for is that Trump would never get elected.
Obama’s environmental record by 2010 (and later) showed huge amounts of environmental protection progress, as shown by the incomplete list below.
Trump has worked hard to trash everything Obama did to help the environment and has even attempted to turn back the massive 138,000 square mile marine protected area created by George W.
What Obama did to protect the environment is far more than the “bare minimum,” although he did preside over a fossil fuel boom.
If Trump is reelected, he will continue to do the ultimate maximum to destroy the environment. This earth-killing POS already has the worst environmental record of any president.
The choice is clear–Biden and the Dems–for anyone who actually cares about the environment instead of just slagging Dems all the time.


I guess choice is a relative term. If it were not so sad, I’d be laughing out loud.

That’s where serious activism and advocacy from all of us is essential, unless you sit-back and do the bare minimum…? Just because we had a pathetic candidate pushed on us by pathetic corrupt entrenched party bosses and idiot voters, strong organized demands for reforms and progressive issues backed by physical actions may force some changes and reforms from the biden regime and Congress and in various states. There are a lot of professional people beside voices here on CD that are (I hope) itching for some real press for issues and agenda to restore trumps shite and build power for the mid-terms.

Dude your comments are getting old

You take up long space
Weaving a convoluted perspective
Composed of baggage from the past

ending in despair and depression

Not for the active is it
Not for movers and shakers
Not for me

as if the Democrats weren’t a major part of the corporate business plans --the ones that will end witht he death of every living thing on this planet–the proposal from the Democrats(being about $16 trillion too short and 20 years too long to actually change the trajectory of climate change) is a pathetic incremental approach to a catastrophic problem

the Democrat’s plan means the world will die around the turn of the century
the Republican’s lack of a plan will see the world die around the turn of the century
see the difference between the parties??

this is due to the sad fact that the corporations doing the damage have purchased our politicians(in virtually every country in the world) to enable their profit taking regardless of the consequences

this is called capitalism and until we recognize it is the real danger to our existence we will continue our current descent into the 6th Great Extinction --brought to,us by the ignorance, greed, and apathy of our corporate owned leadership and the policies they pursue–for the most pathetic reasons–wealth accumulating beyond any real needs

and when the climate collapses, the bees are all dead,and the planet is too hot to grow food -just what do they expect to eat??

but as one of the corporatists told me–“what do I care–I’ll be dead when the shit hits the fan”

under Obama green house gas emissions went up–he pushed for and oversaw(even sent Hillary to promote this planet destroying technology to the world) the massive investment in the cause–fracking and the associated pipelines, distribution systems,etc–the climate accords were rendered useless with the lack of enforcement mechanisms that Obama made sure weren’t part of the agreement-he continued the subsidies to the very profitable fossil fuel corporations–while doing the bare minimum in support for alternative energy or a plan to re-organize our economy to meet the crisis of climate change–not to mention an expansion of our wars from 2 to 7–why do I mention the military?? because it is the single largest producer of green house gases in the world

seems like you have had a big glass of the kool aid he used to gas light us with while giving cover to the corporations doing the damage