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Clark Kent aka Scott Pruitt


Clark Kent aka Scott Pruitt

Christopher Brauchli

According to one report, during his first months in office, Mr. Pruitt’s non-commercial airplane travel cost taxpayers more than $58,000.


Will someone please shove a piece of Kryptonite, up Pruitt’s a$$, so that maybe we can either get him in line with protecting the environment, or to get rid of him?


Imagine this: a orange apean matador, fluffy poseur lures by diverting attention by discussing that he does not have little hands that handle a secondary auto erotic distraction beneath the red cape flicked and swirled at the bull of the market, on the soil of the lives of all who have been deemed not of the trump card. What he distracts from is that he is actually serving as the gate keeper to the banking coders, not the matador (entirely incompetent for such service). Who / what slips through the gate to the chute on the way to the dipping vat? Corporations of course. What is in the vat? Anti-die dye, a blindingly bright crimson so blood-like the public ‘sees’ an invisibility cloak of the bloodiness of death, under which the disease of Merger Mondays prowl. The final frontier of autocratic monopoly requires decimation of regulatory infrastructure over rapacious treatment of the environment. To eliminate regulations is nothing less than laying out a banking plan. That is to say, regulatory agencies are now virtual banks. Which brings us to the prude seeking his own ‘cone of silence’.


Don’t worry about his PHONE. Keep your eye on the ball: 30% funding cut to the EPA and permanent damage to our fragile environmental progress happening daily that MOST of the nation does not even know about, but they will…
Like Betsy DeVos, these two in particular are doing the most, deepest harm to our country the fastest of any Cabinet members, yet everyone is blabbering on about Sessions. Pruitt is a murderer. They all are, but he is not in danger of being stopped.


Superman fans should be outraged. If you’re going to compare Scott Pruitt to a fictional character (who transforms), I think the fictional character should be a Wendigo.


Ah, theoldgoat beat me to the “cone of silence” reference. But my first thought was, did the booth also serve as an elevator?


Obviously a very paranoid individual who trusts no one. A man with a great many secrets to protect.
This group makes the Nazi hierarchy look like rank amateurs.


Lock him in and toss the key!