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Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks Justice for At-Risk Children of Flint


Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks Justice for At-Risk Children of Flint

Nika Knight, staff writer

A class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday seeks justice for the children of Flint, Michigan, who are suffering the effects of months of drinking lead-contaminated tap water while also not receiving adequate special education services in the city's public schools, the suit alleges.


Neither our Congress nor Obama has done much of anything to mitigate the horrible situation that the people of Flint find themselves in.
That's unconscionable.
Why would we want or reelect any of these incumbents? Especially the Republican incumbents.
Our politicians can spend trillions of dollars fighting wars in foreign lands, but can't spend a few billion dollars in Flint to straighten out their water supply problem?


And while all of this is unfolding the Governor, Mr. Snyder, is sapping the State budget for his defense-
What A Governor we have here....


Nakiya Wakes mother of the 7 year old boy, their story is heart breaking, effing corporation charter school suspending a 7 year old 50 times during the 2015-2016 school year without resourses, etc., FU-KED-UP! America effing wake-up, charter schools are destroying American kids educational needs, don't give-up on American public schools. Public schools may not be perfect, but public schools has served America well for decades after decades!


Governor Snyder and the shameful consultants he hired to lie about the drinking water should have to pay out of their own greedy pockets for all the children's related medical bills, past, present and future, and also any special education needs they may have as a result of the lead poisoning that has and always will affect their lives!


I have been informed that 90% of USAian cities reticulate household water through lead pipes.

No doubt the USA lacks the money and resources to amend the problem.

Perhaps this explains USAian violence? Low-grade lead-poisoning leads to lessening of rationality and potential outbursts of violence. The same problem has been used to explain Nero's and Caligula's insanity, although perhaps most USAians don't go to the extreme of boiling wine in lead pans to sweeten it.


The latest from Chicago...



Class Action Lawsuits may be a good way to spend our donation money. They can stop the damage until the lawsuits are ruled on and can eventually make polluters pay or spend their money defending their pollution. Its a direct action that does not involve sold out politicians.

Class action lawsuits should be used much more often for any and all crimes committed by the governing oligarchy such as war profiteering, global warming pollution, toxic effluents in water and air, species extinctions, defrauding students, drug prohibition, corporate protectionism, impoverishment, black incarceration and many more...

Direct Democracy


Thanks. To be expected. I have a copper pipe reticulating water to my house. I once had myself tested to determine the heavy metal content of my blood and the result showed that I was at the WHO's limit for safe amounts of copper in my blood.The copper pipe from the mains was about 50 -60 feet long. If the USA is delivering water to households through lead pipes I cannot but see that the USA has a potentially very serious problem. At least copper is alleged to keep arthritis at bay, even if it is just a hippy story.

Lead is no longer used in paint or petrol for very good reason; why is still used in water pipes to households?