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'Class of 0000' Campaign Denounces 'Cowardly' Censorship of Students' Call for Climate Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/class-0000-campaign-denounces-cowardly-censorship-students-call-climate-action


Extra-credit question, kids: Which major political party just ruled that it will not host a debate among its presidential candidates on the single subject of global warming, and ruled further that it will punish any party member who joins such a debate hosted by anyone else?


I guess I don’t understand how the schools can stop them if these are the students who are scheduled to give the graduation speech. Will the principle jerk them off the podium when they begin to talk? That would be excellent for gaining more supporters and clarifying things.

Some crucial bits of information is missing. Are the schools cancelling graduations? Or forbidding those who signed the pledge from speaking? What a great opportunity to get others, who don’t sign, to do the talk. I must be missing something.


They oughta surround Pelosi’s office and sing

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These CD Articles are getting more ridiculous… There is Nothing Our Generation or future Gens can do undo what’s already been done. Blame has no footing now what so ever. This is not 1969… Climate Change is sure as hell not listening to any of this…


You must keep in mind that schools, public and private, allow absolutely NO democracy on their campuses. They are run by small groups (boards) of people (just like corporations) who decide what will be taught, who will teach it, how the students will dress, and what they can say while in school.
In short, our education system seems to have had but one major goal in the industrial era, cultivate generations of people who, by the time they are adults, have already been indoctrinated into the fascist/ capitalist construct. We have been taught that you must go along, get along, conform, and of course that you need not ever make any decisions, as they have already been made for you by someone of the “leadership” class (caste).
We live in a feudal system where we get to drive cars.


This seems to me to be an excellent opportunity for a final ‘lesson’ to be learned in every young person’s education. Do not submit to unreasonable authority. Give that speech. And if they prevent you from speaking beforehand, organize a group protest at the graduation with signs, and chants and local newscasters present. Graduation speeches are about going out into the world. They need to go out protesting the status quo if they want a future.


Speaking of shutting people up (and there seems to be a lot of that going around lately), I got a newsletter email from The Chelsea Resists Support Committee that included a link to her letter to the judge, in response to him telling her to “reflect” on her opinion of grand juries. I found this long letter amazingly educational on how grand juries work, and why they are unjust. I urge Common Dreams to publish this:



Take a bullhorn to the podium.


Good call, I like the way you think…lol.


How in hell did school administrators across the country get involved? Now we know Koch money has been buying school board member are they buying school administrators? I guess I have heard about fossil fuel interests being pushed in schools.

Nothing these days is surprising. When will enough be enough?


Hopefully these students’ last lesson will be that no matter how anodyne you make your plea for reason, you’ll catch hell for it, so you may as well raise your own hell

And you just might find that’s the only way your call will be truly heard.

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They threaten to withhold their diplomas and transcripts, that usually makes the protester fold.

First of all, these are neither ‘kids’ nor children.

They are adults, old enough to go to war.

They need not ask permission to speak.

Greta Thundberg has shown the way, and this whole charade demonstrates how few are those who would lead, i.e., be first,

and the many who are always ready to be first to be second.

Greta Thundberg for the Nobel Peace Prize.

She would bring back honor to this tarnished medal.


See my post above, I saw it first hand when I graduated from HS. That threat was simply about what song would be played.

You threaten to withhold a diploma from a valedictorian for expressing a firm opinion, and plenty of parents will be looking to replace the entire school board.

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OMG! How can they? If anything says that Democrats are as beholden to corporate interests (in this case the fossil fuel industry) as Republicans, this does. Time for a revolution. Disband the DNC.


I’m sorry, did you read the story? Any mention of angry parents?

or maybe “Ding dong the Witch is dead…”

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