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Classified America: Why Is the US Public Allowed to Know So Little?


Classified America: Why Is the US Public Allowed to Know So Little?

Robert C. Koehler

For a journalist — especially one covering government and politics — the most suspicious, least trustworthy word in the language ought to be: “classified.”


Democracy is for the little guy. Democracy gives the little guy a say in his government and what it does.

Democracy is an inconvenience to those in power. Autocrats and oligarchs, plutocrats and ruling elites >>> do not want democracy to interfere with what they want.

Classifying facts and documents removes democracy from the decision making process.

Eventually you will end up with a scenario where the reasons for a war are classified.

"Don't ask why...whoopee we're all gonna die!" - Country Joe (MacDonald) and the Fish


"All of this, and so much more, preceded Trump. He's only the Tail End of our Troubles."

At last, a clear headed, Accurate Perspective.


Bravo Mr Koehler. Well thought out and presented.

We have the super rich capitalist scum who run the circus that in the US - the world's Empire. We have obsequious toadies who make every effort to pick up whatever crumbs are thrown their way by them. We have the Trumps (and Kurshners) of this Great Nation that are both and communally psychopathic. Then we have a nation dominated by self serving, over consuming sycophants in contrast to the rest of the peoples of the world. Finally there is here in the Good Ol'USofA a minority of religious and or otherwise humanists parts of a population, trying to keep their heads above water.

And it seems that all this world of "homo not-so-sapiens" is destine to succumb to total extinction and in good order with all the other higher level organisms that are still extant on it. Death by nuclear war or else by (let's not use that silly term 'climate change'), Global Heating.

So sad.


That is the perspective of watching the horse's ass as we plow new furrows in Flanders Fields.


"He's only the tailend of our troubles."

Boy, truer words were never said.


"...do not want Democracy to interfere with what they want."

Ya know, I have had a really hard time understanding how the top .01% want 99% of all the benefits. Take this House Bill on Healthcare that passed the House last week. They cut $800 Billion in Medicare funds that serve the 99%, and give virtually that same amount back to the top .01% in the form of tax breaks, etc.

They don't even try to hide their theft.


WW II ended in August 1945.The first US operative killed in Vietnam was in September 1945. Our involvement there was much older than most Americans know.

First this (1961):


Then this (1959):


And this (1956):


And these (1945):

Turns out his reports said the US should side with the nationalist Viet Minh. If only Americans had known earlier what was going on....


"Classified America: Why Is the US Public Allowed to Know So Little?"

Because the oligarchy thinks the US Public is too stupid to know what's good for them and some of them are stupid enough to agree.

Direct Democracy may be key to a happier America:



American imperialists and capitalists could never follow the original intent of the founding fathers to try to stay out of the politics of other nations.


It's bad enough the shit we do know which holds the political system in contempt. If we knew the full story, there would really be a revolution against those who control the country. Would soldiers still go off to war knowing that it was all to make someone richer? That is just one possible bad effect from knowing what they hide form us.


There's no room for secret anything in a true government of the people and yet so many cling to the myth that this country is a democracy. Of course, promising an open and transparent government sounds good at election time. Anyone remember Barack Obama and his 2008 campaign? That was a whopper worthy of Trump.


We were on the wrong side in that War....


I haven't read extensively on the Viet Nam war but I did read Neal Sheehan's excellent book, A Bright Shining Lie. In the opening chapter Sheehan explained how Ho Chi Mihn, educated at Columbia University and a young man during Woodrow Wilson's presidency, took Wilson's words about spreading democracy and freedom to heart and believed that the US should be a natural ally of the Vietnamese in their struggle for independence (from colonialism) and democracy. Ho sent at least a dozen letters to US presidents, beginning with FDR pleading for an audience and a chance to ask for US support. He was ignored. When it became apparent to Ho that that the US and the "West" would not come to their aid, he sought allies with socialist and communist suppliers.

Sheehan also reported that when Dien Bien Phu fell there were US aircraft in the air, and the Vietnamese still believing that the US was either friendly or at least neutral, were unprepared when those US aircraft began to strafe them.

In round numbers: 3 million dead Vietnamese and 65,000 dead US soldiers later, the US attempt to prop up western imperialism came to a humiliating (US) end. Also, as of 2006 it was estimated that as a result of extensive US use of chemical defoliants at least 6 million Vietnamese have been sickened or killed by that hateful legacy.

"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"


I'd keep the notion of assumptions of stupidity on a tight leash. Its a hunting dog released not in a natural setting, but only after a pre-set 'prey' has been released by the hunting party organizer for the kill. Note that MSM "medium" is now increasingly being publicly assessed as the hegemonic ideational penning machine that it is. As Marshall McCluhan noted over half a century ago: 'The medium is the message'. In politics the mechanics of 'brand loyalty' are even addressed as such in the MSM.

In that collective assessment is a public responsibility of the civic body, it must also be slammed back at the oligarchy that the jig is up regarding its obsession with demonizing via conflation 'collective' with 'communist'. In my opinion there is too little discussion about the interface between advertising slants/premises of individuality being fulfilled by brand loyal [retention] consumption of 'identity' products resulting in constipation of the civic and other forms of imagination.

Could you imagine a direct democracy education program being funded for the masses of people who are unemployed?


Democracy is an ancient organic tool humans use to focus distributed intelligence.

There are no secrets in democracy. Zero secrets. Secrets distort focus.

The enemy of a democracy knows when the people recognize their enemy and focus.

Those who pollute the air, water, and soil for profit are enemies of humanity and Earth.

Cosmic powered biology expressed as human knows exactly who the oligarchs and their servants are.

"The best of who we are is contained in the public soul, not bequeathed to us by unfathomably wise leaders."

Thank you for this good article.


The Internet.

In direct democracies, the people inform themselves knowing they are in charge and their vote counts. They have the best government money can't buy.


" Eventually you will end up with a scenario where the reasons for a war are classified."

The reasons for wars have been classified for a long time....it is called; a false flag!


And in support of that notion - a link to new site "Dear FCC" by the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Launching DearFCC: The Best Way to Submit Comments to the FCC about Net Neutrality

Let’s send Chairman Pai a message: this is our Internet and we’ll fight to protect it.


When you hear: Classified for national security reasons; you can be sure what is usually meant is: CLASSIFIED FOR OUR NEFARIOUS, SECURITY REASONS!